Edward De Bono introduced the concept of six thinking hats as a decision-making tool. When facing situations that need quick decisions, Edward De Bono’s six thinking hats model approach will give alternate choices. The colored hats in the concept represent different aspects of the decision-making process. From his point of view, decision-making needs to step back and look at an issue from different angles and perspectives. Each color in the six thinking hats indicates different cognitive levels and problem-solving skills. You can use the animated ppt diagram to learn the techniques. The template contains normal visual ppt designs and animated character sketches in the poster presentation template.

Six thinking hats PowerPoint template will show the way of investigating from various perspectives. The issues could be analyzed from different perspectives and finally, come to a conclusion or solution. It is a clear conflict way of investigation. Both individuals and business professionals can use the six-thinking hats problem-solving model for effective decisions. This is a training tool. So, the experts in the field can download six thinking hats templates to showcase decision-making steps as a professional course. It enables an effective thinking process in the place of conventional decisions making models and gets to more effective choices.

The six thinking hats model template can be used for brainstorming sessions in a team meeting. The variant color designs and the scripted areas of the PowerPoint surface are subjected to alterations. You can change the hat's colors and the animated human characters' costumes and the entire structure of the template. If you remove the six hat concept designs from the board, you can add other designs and business presentation topics in the areas. However, Edward De Bono's six thinking hats model doesn’t need alteration. It will be attractive when the design remains static when presenting the six thinking hats model in PowerPoint. Also try out other 6 thinking hats template.