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VR presentation template offers a science PowerPoint presentation of the futuristic metaverse. The template includes virtual reality features and themes, sophisticated design trends, and duotone gradient color mix photos and images. It allows educational and business PowerPoint presentations using the topic, contents, and photographs. If you want a company profile presentation, the template fits it. It will be worth it if you need educational ppt slides to present modern augmented reality technologies and their scopes. The template contains virtual reality headsets, gaming, work gadgets, architectural designs, the ambiance of metaverse fiction, visual hallucinations, graphs, and charts in a gradient color mix. Besides, the template has a range of vector-based graphical elements that visualize various use of VR technology.

Virtual reality PowerPoint slides in pink and blue halftone color combinations contain 22 resonating slides for business and education PowerPoint presentations. The presentation deck comprised VR images and text placeholders to add important information. IT companies can introduce fresh ideas for using mixed reality with the virtual reality template for PowerPoint. Besides, IT teachers can use the topics such as types of virtual reality future of virtual reality to showcase its scope and objectives. The futuristic design concept for virtual reality presentation includes themes and features as in the following list.

· Opening slide with virtual headset photos and themes

· Attractive cover slide of VR presentation template

· Welcome PowerPoint slide

· About virtual reality with new academic topics: what is virtual reality, why virtual reality

· Components of virtual reality for detailing field of view & frame rate, spatial audio, and sound effects, position, and head tracking

· Types of virtual reality with the headings of non-immersive VR, semi-immersive VR, and Fully immersive VR

· Future of virtual reality template

· Major uses of virtual reality, including the topics of medical studies, research purposes, military training, entertainment, and driving schools

· Comparisons slide for presenting virtual reality pros and cons

· Amazing virtual reality product description template

· Service timeline template

· VR products slide

· 3D rift headset slide

· Team template

· Personal profile slide

· Growth diagram bar chart PowerPoint

· Comparison statistics chart

· Infographic timeline template

· Six-step infographic PowerPoint circular design

· Laptop mock-up slide

· Thank you ppt presentation

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