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An exclusive Six Sigma process that works on the principle of define, measure, analyze, design, and verify or DMADV to understand customer service aspects of a business both quantitatively and qualitatively. Define; here means to identify the core requirements for customer satisfaction. Businesses that take utmost care in providing customer centric solutions prioritize tapping into customer information such as demographics, historical information, customer feedback etc. What this does is it encourages teams to understand customer service in alignment with customer information. Measure; here means measuring certain concrete parameters that facilitates data collection and record specifications in a way that can be utilized to help drive the subsequent steps. Analyze; here means critically examine the internal process and establish a baseline to deliver improvement. After the final process is set, teams are deployed to make adjustments to the process. This helps in streamlining the process and delivering a service or product that is at par with global standards. Design; here refers to the different experiments that are conducted. For instance internal tests are compared with customer wants and needs. Existing processes are improved and test groups of customers are invited to give feedback. Following which the final product or service is released to different markets either locally or globally. Verify; here means that while the product or service is being released and customer reviews are coming in, the process is still undergoing change. The improvement is thus a continuous process. Metrics are further bolstered to entertain continuous customer feedback on the product or service. In keeping with the core aim improvement at every step of the process is executed. The DMADV methodology template is completely editable and is available in both as PowerPoint and Keynote template. The text boxes are completely editable. There are also editable shapes in attractive colors. The layout of the template come is light and dark shades that complement the shapes and texts.