• SBI Feedback PowerPoint Template
  • SBI Feedback PowerPoint Templates

The SBI feedback PowerPoint is a management psychology mix template that enables a better understanding of an individual's feedback. This One Pager template represents three aspects of the SBI feedback model. The Center for Creative leadership develops the SBI feedback model as a tool to avoid feedback errors. If you have some feedback for a team member, you have to carry out a three-dimensional approach to give precise feedback about the behavior. This feedback tool outlines a simple structure that you can use to provide effective instant feedback. The PowerPoint SBI feedback template is an instructional design for educational purposes with a simple outline and organized format. The SBI stands for Situation, Behavior, and Impact.

  • Situation: First, outline the situation you are referring to; by doing this, the context will be specific and clear.
  • Behavior: Describe the specific action of behavior that you want to address. You have to be objective and nonjudgmental.
  • Impact: It denotes the effect that arises when you give feedback to the teammate.

This is the method of giving corrective feedback over positive feedback. So, provide feedback based on situations that you observed precisely. Don’t give judgments over the entire behavior, but try to understand the teammate and what they were doing in a particular case.

The SBI feedback PowerPoint Template is a flat design with bolded headings. By following this approach, people can look to the feedback and update the behavior that improves overall functioning. The One Pager concept diagram has black and white background ppt designs with descriptive text zones. Users can use the description text areas to add relevant details about each segment of the SBI feedback model. Further, the colors in the callout design can alter or change with suitable color codes. Moreover, the fonts, text arrangement, and default descriptions about Situation, Behavior, and Impact could be changeable. Grab this easy-to-edit template and motivate your audience with this SBI PowerPoint Slide.