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  • Emotional Intelligence Slides

Emotional Intelligence Slide offers a Psychology PowerPoint presentation with four segmented diagrams to showcase important aspects of emotional Intelligence. The four-section template features psychology icons and emotional intelligence concepts with a bullet point view. Emotional Intelligence refers to the capacity of an individual to curb and positively control emotions. It is the ability to understand, interpret, perceive, control, demonstrate, evaluate, and use emotions for positive communication with effective interference to the situation. Experts emphasize EQ is more than IQ for effective and constructive relationships and success. The emotional intelligence PowerPoint Template enables teaching the importance of EQ to build positive characters in your workplace and classroom.

Emotional Intelligence Slide for PowerPoint presentation shows four domains of EI or emotional intelligence, these are:

  • Self-Awareness > emotional self-awareness, accurate self-awareness, and self-confidence
  • Social Awareness> Empathy, Organizational Awareness, service orientation
  • Self-Management > self-control, transparency, adaptability, achievement drive, initiative
  • Relationship Management > inspirational relationship, developing others, influence, change catalyst, contact management, building bonds, teamwork & collaboration.

If these qualities are inherent in a person, they would be more likely to succeed. So, understanding these aspects of EI will help overcome issues and build a fruitful relationship with society. Most of the problem arises from the excess emotions and difficulty in taming negative counterparts of the emotional traits. This emotional intelligence template help discuss characteristics in detail.

The emotional Intelligence Template for PowerPoint presentation is an instructional design to learn and teach the judicious use of emotions. For example, "thinking before reacting." People with high EQ know that emotions can be powerful but also transient. You will try to manage and control emotions after you know this mantra. The emotional intelligence slide is a One Pager template in black and white ppt ground. Each box layout has PowerPoint metaphors that align with the four concepts of EI. In addition, users can add more effects, images, and icons representing emotional intelligence.