The 19 Best PowerPoint Templates of 2024

By Published On: November 22nd, 2019Categories: Presentation Skils
The 19 Best PowerPoint Templates of 2024

In an estimate, there are about 25 million PowerPoint presentations created every single day. That is why executives are spent their time to build good PowerPoint designs even if they are not an expert in PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a great option because you don’t need to spend months learning how to use it. PowerPoint designers such as slide bazaar offer you a great time with their PowerPoint templates. However, the presenters are always in a dilemma to choose the templates. You are not sure which PowerPoint design to choose to make your slideshows look incredible, amaze your audience, and be memorable. If you want to engage your audience by stunning PowerPoint presentations, the only choice is to research the internet hunting for the best PowerPoint templates. From the multiple choices, the PowerPoint selection will be a difficult task, this is why we have decided to give you a helping hand and come with the excellent collection of PowerPoint Templates

These are valued PowerPoint template that may have multiple uses. We ensure that these slides will capture your audience’s attention like never before!

When creating awesome PowerPoint templates, we emphasized on gathering the most beautiful images, effective data visualizations, and brilliant typography. Besides, we made these modern templates easy for you to edit and customize.

Our expert researchers and designers have given their complete potentials to create these PowerPoint slides.

These are the top PowerPoint templates:

1. Pixels| free creative presentation templates for PowerPoint & keynote

This is our latest PowerPoint template with an average download of 20 slides per day. This business presentation PowerPoint contains six different slides having twenty templates. Your company profile ppt presentation will be an amazing one if you use this free PowerPoint template. You can simply convey your messages with the pixel PowerPoint.

free creative presentation templates for PowerPoint


2. Strategy PowerPoint template

Most of the time, business presentation is encircling strategy presentation. We know business needs certain strategies that will help develop organizations growth and revenue.
The 3-year strategy plan template is a cool PowerPoint design created to plan your business strategies with a three-year time frame. It can be also used for presenting your posters and banners. It is an important presentation when looking to transfer your strategic plans. Business managers or marketing consultants can use this strategy PowerPoint template for displaying a three-year strategy for boosting their sales and profitability.

3 Year Strategic Plan PowerPoint Template

Simplicity is the ultimate aim of our designers!


3. 5 stage linear process flow diagram

Typically a linear diagram shows the uninterrupted movement of activity towards its end success. The zigzag linear diagram is a modulated form of a typical linear diagram. The presenters can make process presentation with this eye-catching PowerPoint template. The user can demonstrate the past and present processes using the five-stage process flow template.

5 Stage Linear Process Flow Diagram


This template allows you to focus on your business process development.

4. 30 60 90 day business plan template for PowerPoint & keynote

You can illustrate your product schedules and planning using the business plan PowerPoint template. The PowerPoint slide comprises 6 templates that are created in a vintage fashion. The awesome look guarantees the audience’s attention. Meanwhile, you can use as it is for column presentation involving the 30, 60, 90-day plan.

30 60 90 Day Business Plan PowerPoint Template


We have enough business plan templates that you can download for integrating with this PowerPoint.

5. Product comparison PowerPoint template

Have a look at our product comparison slides that are awesome and amazing. Product comparison templates are simple and easy to presentable.

Product Comparison PowerPoint Template


This amazing PowerPoint for product comparison demonstrates the 6 vital features of your product versus your competitors. We are presentation experts. Every day, we produce premium PowerPoint templates and keynote templates that are fit for your Google slide theme.

6. Transformation map PowerPoint template

Transformation map is an ideal tool for representing goals and strategic planning process. We have the latest version of a transformation map template that is created for showing 5-year goals and strategic plans. It is a business PowerPoint template designed with an excellent structure of information presentation.

5 Year Transformation Map PowerPoint Template


Our designers are using their experience to communicate your targeted audience with these unique PowerPoint slides.

7. Chart PowerPoint templates

Chart PowerPoint templates are visual representation for showing statistical data. So, either we can call it as statistics PowerPoint or we can call as chart PowerPoint designs. Our set of chart PowerPoint template is a scientific tool for researchers to show the numeric data with different statistical graphics. The slide contains 8 different PowerPoint along with a master PowerPoint template that comprises waterfall diagram, radar chart, pie chart, line chart, column chart, bar chart and area chart.


Undoubtedly! This tremendous diagram is the “chart PowerPoint template of 2024”

8. Scrum PowerPoint for agile presentations.

The special design for software project management is the demand of the day. So, a project manager is looking for a suitable diagram to show the agile framework. Our researchers are keen to study the components of the SCRUM framework, and our designers provide visual representations without losing a single point. The rapid growth of the software industry needs enchanting PowerPoint templates for SCRUM methodology presentation.



The scrum process PowerPoint template covers all elements of the SCRUM framework in an attractive fashion. The 10 slide presentation really makes WOWs! It is essential to present the data in a lighthearted way; hence your audience can actually perceive it with ease. Agile framework methodology is a complex subject, so project managers make their concepts simple with clean and neat PowerPoint illustrations.

9. Free PowerPoint templates for business presentation

How many PowerPoint slides you need for your business presentation? Actually, the number depends on your concept and time schedule. Our best: free professional business PowerPoint templates for download contain 25 slides for your business and sales presentations. The PowerPoint slide provides all you need for a business presentation with a single platform. It is designed to present your information in a professional format. Beautifully crafted timeline, mobile mockup, agenda slide, maps, infographics, free charts, and more, are giving you all the tools you need to effectively communicate your message.



Creating an inspiring presentation for any business-related topic is a zephyr with the free business PowerPoint template.

10. Agenda PowerPoint template

Why do people choose generic PowerPoint templates for complex data presentation? Professional PowerPoint presenters are liable to give an answer to this question. So, the job is left to them. However, we have a simple logic, if the data is complex, PowerPoint design should be as much as simple to convey the information, and it should not mess up. If you need such a template to show your variety of data in a single platform, download 10 and 15 point agenda PowerPoint template from slidebazaar library.

15 Point Agenda PowerPoint Template


Showcase your agenda schedules for a meeting with the highly influential PowerPoint slide. You don’t need to create a structure each time because the PowerPoint is a ready-to-use template for every occasion.

11. Organization chart PowerPoint template

Quality PowerPoint templates have a crucial role to produce successful PowerPoint presentations. A boring bullet point slide never attracts the people. So, a presenter requires simple and eye-catching PowerPoint slides to disseminate their information. Organization structure presentation is common in any organization. HR professionals need a simple org chart PowerPoint that will cover the hierarchy structure of the organization. So, our organizational chart PowerPoint templates with a variety of color codes and structural dimensions surely attract your audience to the PowerPoint pitch.

Isometric Organization Chart PowerPoint Template


The animated PowerPoint template, isometric organization chart is a stunning design for your company hierarchy presentation. The cartoon characters, bright colors, easy to edit features, and cool infographics make this template one of our bestsellers.

12. Sales PowerPoint presentation

For what purpose most of the business presentation triggered? We have no doubt; it is related to the marketing and sales activities of a business. Sales growth and sales strategies can be highlighted using the awesome sales presentation templates. Either you can show the sales reports through a sales growth template (with charts and graphs) or you can show your sales strategy with attractive PowerPoint diagrams. Both types of slides are available in our gallery.

Sales Value Proposition PowerPoint Template


This minimal PowerPoint template is a common PowerPoint design with exceptional features. It is fit for any presentation related to 4 elements of a concept. The sales value proposition PowerPoint template allows you to display the plans and features of sales and marketing.

13. Social media PowerPoint templates

The use of social media for marketing your product/services has been triggered in the last few years. Corporate presenters have focused on the possibilities of social marketing through social media networks. Obviously, the demands for social media PowerPoint designs have boosted. To show the digital marketing trends, you can use digital marketing PowerPoint templates that can easily be downloaded from our arcade.

Digital Marketing Media Plan PowerPoint Template


This is a fresh PowerPoint template covers 6 elements of social media marketing or digital marketing with an enticing look. Deliver your information with perfectly styled marketing slides, colors, and fonts.

14. Lead generation PowerPoint templates

To demonstrate lead generation strategies, a suitable PowerPoint template has required. Naturally, the lead generation process can be graphically represented by funnel PowerPoint templates. You can use our funnel diagram category for various sales and marketing presentations.

Filter Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template


This horizontal funnel diagram slide with black and white background shows the filtering process of leads in an exciting manner. The colorful PowerPoint design will make your business pitch flow smoothly.

15. Product roadmap template PowerPoint

If you’re not outlined your PowerPoint presentation in a concise manner, the audience will be bewildered. So, presentation slides should convey your message with ease, will be included in the popular PowerPoint category. A product roadmap PowerPoint is a visualization of product manufacturing to the journey towards the customers. It is the A to Z visualization of product development. it is directional guideline as well as a plan for executing the strategy.



Streamline your product development with this ready-made roadmap template for PowerPoint. This scientifically created PowerPoint tool allows customization according to your requirements.

16. Cause and effect PowerPoint template

Cause and effect templates are crafted for root cause analysis of a problem. When you’re facing a serious problem, it is vital to explore all of the things behind the problem, before you start to think about the solution. Normally, fishbone diagrams are used to project the cause and effect relationship. We have different types of fishbone PowerPoint template that are crafted for our research clients. The following cause-effect analysis PowerPoint template is an innovative creation that will clearly transmit your ideas.

Cause and Effect PowerPoint Template


This is a modified PowerPoint design, addressing the relationship between two or variables, rather than highlighting a business idea.

17. Marketing PowerPoint template

Explaining a marketing strategy or business plan is often a mix of every kind of information you can portrait to ensure that the right groups of people are targeted. While the information might be utterly boring, you can bring a lot of excitement, while showing through an attractive PowerPoint slide.

7 P’s Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template


Share your marketing ideas or business plan with the marketing presentation template. The circle ppt template with awesome PowerPoint shapes is able to cover the 7 ps marketing mix presentation instead of the 4 ps marketing mix PowerPoint. You can add market analysis, milestones, metrics, and other major elements.

18. Teamwork PowerPoint template

Metaphors are self-explanatory images, which springs a common meaning when interacts with the people. Designers often used metaphoric icons or images to make the presentation powerful and elegant. The teamwork ppt template is the inevitable slide when looking to start a company.

Teamwork PowerPoint Template


Present your teamwork concepts with flair, and show the importance of teamwork to solve a problem, with the easy to edit PowerPoint format.

19. Self introduction PowerPoint template

You can introduce yourself with self-presentation PowerPoint template. Resume presentation would be a visual feast while you’re presenting yourself.

Self Presentation PowerPoint Template


This sparkling resume presentation PowerPoint will help you to organize your story in an uncluttered fashion.

Final word

With this selected PowerPoint collections, you can easily find out the required one. We are going to add more slides in the list, over time, so bookmark this blog and keep an eye on it. Remember, the specimen templates have given in this article only the way to our huge PowerPoint collections. So, download our best PowerPoint templates, whenever you require.