Benefits of Product Roadmaps for PowerPoint Presentation

By Published On: November 1st, 2019Categories: Presentation Skils, Presentation Tips
Benefits of Product Roadmaps for PowerPoint Presentation

Product roadmaps are common PowerPoint tools that describe the strategic plans towards the goal. So, we can define a roadmap is a strategic plan that defines a goal or desired outcome and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it. PowerPoint designers make different types of roadmaps through a creative eye. It serves as a communication tool, a high-level document that helps articulate the strategic thinking. Indeed, businesses all over the world use web-based roadmap software to make their organizations marketing plan, IT strategy and others. Here it is clear that a product roadmap is a high-level, strategic document that maps out general stages of product development.

The main purpose of a product roadmap is to draw a products vision in with a company’s business objectives. However, a product roadmap is an illustration without a road image. People used road images to display the major milestones that a company achieved over the years. This is not product roadmap, it is a roadmap timeline. Creating a product roadmap is time-consuming and usually requires multiple people or even teams involved in the production.

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A product roadmap will help product managers to frame their plan, implement, and showcase product releases and timeline in the most effective manner. It is a strategic tool in the hands of a product manager that allows him to plan and implement the growth of products with a purpose to realize the product vision. A product roadmap shapes the why and what behind what you are creating. To know more about the picturization, you can browse our library of product roadmap template. A product roadmap is speaking about several strategies of product development, the followings are few among the several ultimate goals:

-It describes the vision and strategy
-Offers a guiding manual for executing the strategy
-Get internal stakeholders in alignment
-Benefits product planning and marketing
-Support communication to external stakeholders, including customer

Ideally, a product roadmap exemplifies the strategic direction for your product. if your product vision strategy has been articulated precisely, it is easier to secure executive buy-in and to ensure everyone is working toward a common goal. However, it is not a to-do list of the tasks required to complete a strategic initiative. Roadmap planning is often the process of creating an executive strategy out of a collection of backload tasks and ideas. The features of the product map as follows:

= A product map is a communication tool, product managers use the support of these tools to share their product vision to relevant stakeholders
= It also a strategic tool that frames your strategies to achieve the product vision
= It is a timeline that allows you to display product launching and tentative delivery dates.
= It is a planning guideline that aids you put on paper how the product will be enriched stage by stage and assign roles of each team within the organization
= It is a directional path that guides you in reaching your destination and offers a valuable solution to the customer

A product roadmap is not a product plan whereas it gives a high-level view of the development of an entire product. However, without a high-level overview of your product’s strategic objectives and plans, you cannot effectively build a useful list of tasks, in priority order, for developing the product. So you need a well-structured strategic roadmap to capture and communicate product development strategy. Hence, a product roadmap must be clear and simple to understand. This benefits a product manager guide all the teams throughout the development process, keeping focused on customer needs and business purposes. Creation of product roadmap relies on the nature of the product. Reliant on the product you are developing and approaches you are practising, the number of teams involved in road mapping may vary. Most often, you would have your sales team, designing team, UX. Operational team, marketing team and support team. These are the persons that will work on the real product.

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Remember, a product roadmap is not a one-size-fits-all plan. The audience you are confronting with roadmap will be a predetermining factor for the format of your road map, its type and the contents you should include in it. So before you articulating with your roadmap, first you define your audience. PowerPoint roadmaps presentation is common in the corporate sector, which will be produced only after a careful examination of the features. A product roadmap can be tailored to a specific audience, type of information, orientation on different key points, and methodologies that we will discuss on the upcoming sessions. The roadmap planning process is a great time to analyze the items to confirm that they are still valid and support with our product strategy and vision. The product backlogs will be looked at by the wider business, especially our customer-facing departments, like marketing and sales, benefits from this it helps them to understand what features are in the pipeline for each product.

A visual product roadmap is not simply an aesthetic issue. There are definite, practical reasons why roadmap visualization is crucial to successfully present your product strategy. One matter is that the seminar, in which you present it to your stakeholders and other well-wishers, signifies your best chance to communicate your product strategy quickly and evidently. The best way to increase the buy-in you need for your product strategy is to create a visual product roadmap that is as easy to understand as possible. That means your roadmap should be impeccably imaged out by colour patterns; with subjects, stories or creativities grouped rationally and using clear, easy-to-learn labels for heading and categories. You can illustrate your roadmap with or without a road image. A roadmap with a road image is more suitable to present the strategic goals or your company. High-level officers typically demand to see regular updates on a product’s progress or changes to any part of the product strategy or prioritization. Using tools like PowerPoint for your roadmap presentation to fulfill the motto of your presentation.