How to Fascinate Your Audience With PPT?

By Published On: November 30th, 2018Categories: Presentation Skils, Presentation Tips
How to Fascinate Your Audience With PPT?

Probably it is every presenter’s dream to fascinate the audience with a mesmerizing presentation. No one wants an audience with a yawning face; everyone wants their audience to be amazed. Be it a business presentation or any kind of general presentation; it is really hard to please the audience. Let us just admit a fact; you can never please the whole audience 100%. There will be a part of the audience who will always be unpleased about your speech, presentation slides, your appearance or anything else. But there are ways which can be used in order to please the audience almost 100%. These are some small tricks that cannot be included in the content of the presentation; instead, you have to add them manually. These are just like small triggers that raise the level of happiness of the audience. How to do it? Let us have a look.

How to Fascinate the Audience With PPT?

Most of the people assume the positive acts when we talk about the topic of ‘How to fascinate your audience with a PPT.’ They never looked at the negative things. Thus, you can fascinate your audience with doing some acts or by not doing some particular acts. And if you do not know what not to do at any PPT first, the positive acts do not make any sense much, do it? So, in the Column of How to fascinate your audience with a PPT, we will enlighten you with two sub-topics–

  • Five things you never should do at a presentation session
  • Ten ways to present an excellent presentation to fascinate your audience.

Let us just keep reading.

Things You Should Never Do At Presentation Sessions

So, before we gather the knowledge of what to do in a presentation to fascinate the audience, it is better to stay clear of those things that absolutely disgust the audience, no? Here, we have enlisted such 10 acts during a presentation for which the audience will hate you. Have a look.

  1. Long Introduction About You – It is no doubt that the first few minutes of any presentation are the most important period of all. But lots of people ruin this moment by giving an unnecessary introduction about who they are, what they do etc. Just remember, the audience or the clients at your business meetings did not come to listen to your life story. Always try to minimize your introduction. Instead of using contexts you can rely on Business templates that can conveniently demonstrates your business plans graphically.
  2. Too Many Facts and Less Emotions Facts matter but not as the emotion! It is important to put all the facts and statistics about a particular subject in a presentation slide, but never overdo it because people always remember how they felt at the presentation and how much they have learned. If they do not enjoy learning the facts, the facts do not deserve to be served. Give them a story along with facts, not facts alone.
  3. Disorganised Content – This is the least possible thing one can ever do at any presentation. It does not matter how casual your presentation is, if your presentation contents are all disorganized, you are never going to fascinate your audience. Poor presentation flow will disrupt the audience’s attention, and they will be most likely to get bored easily. Not only that, it will rupture your flow of speech too. Your presentation slide always acts like a roadmap, not like a room of a bachelor.
  4. Being Read To- If you are going just to read out loud what is written on the presentation slide, the audience will curse you for the rest of the life. It is not a kid’s story time. Thus, try to avoid reading your slides like a script. Always stick with key ideas of the slides. The visual presentation should complement the verbal one and not the other way around.
  5. Endless Charts – It is true that charts are necessary for some kind of business presentation. But try not to make the number infinite. Put those charts without which the presentation is absolutely incomplete. Unnecessary charts just disinterest people at the fastest rate possible. It may also distract the presenter as well.

Ways to Show How a Good Presentation Can Fascinate Your Audience

Now that we have put aside the negative points of a presentation, we can start with the positive points which can fascinate the audience. As we have said earlier, it is not easy to impress the audience, but if you can inspect and observe a little and add some valuable trick to your presentation gesture, you might win the show. Let us have a look.

  1. A Great Introduction or Introductory Speech – The first impression always matter. Be it job interviews or presentations; the first impression lasts until the end of the show. So, always make your first impression the best. You can introduce yourself in a few lines, or you can skip it and start with some other catchy phrases as well. Always stick to the point and jump to the actual subject smoothly from the introduction. Not like, “We are done with an introduction, let us start this presentation.” – That is an absolute turn off. You can download PowerPoint template that aids in storytelling.
  2. Frame A Good Story – Fact captures minds, but story captures hearts. Frame a good story at your presentation always. You can give a little introduction to the topic of the presentation by hinting them into a good story. Characters and events easily capture the attention of the audience easily.
  3. Develop a Stage Presence – It is quite a hard step; especially for those presenters who are doing it for the first time. However, stage presence does not mean that you have to move a lot; rather the audience hates those who move a lot because that disrupts their concentration. Again, you just cannot stand still and deliver your speech. According to your presentation speech and pace, you have to develop a stage presence, step by step. You can watch videos of popular people who had great stage presence. The only point is, be honest with the audience.
  4. Humour – Humour easily lightens up the environment, does not matter in which situation we are. So, sprinkle humor into your speech in a subtle way, and you have already fascinated the audience. Humour has an easy going method. Thus, if you can crack jokes that are related to a particularly relevant subject, use the talent. But never force humor because it only makes everything just worse.
  5. Interactions – I bet you remember the boring classes you had in Universities where you had to sit still and listen to your professor. That is the exact same case with the presentation as well. So, make it a little interactive. Ask the audience questions. Ask them to introduce themselves and allow them to question you. It is not only a fun way to go through a heavy topic, but it is also an easy way to fascinate the audience. You have to show the audience that they matter to you.
  6. Passion – It is a saying that people love when someone is passionate about something. If you care for your presentation, the audience will do, eventually. But if you do not care about it, why should they? Do not put your passion on a plate before them. Rather slide your passion into the presentation in a very subtle way. It will not only interest them, but it will also fascinate them too.
  7. Insert Short Videos From Time to Time- Still, texts bore our eyes. If you can give them something moving, it will surely work out. So, try to add up some short videos in your presentation slides from time to time. It will make your whole presentation more visually appealing. Also, it will help the audience to perceive the subject in a better way. However, do not insert unnecessary, irrelative videos in your presentation.
  8. Set Up Little Quizzes – Competition interests people because human beings are born competitive. So, you can put little tests at the end of the presentation and announce it beforehand. It will make them listen to the whole presentation carefully. Thus they will be attentive and more engaged in your presentation too.
  9. Discussions- Plan out some discussion rounds at your presentation sessions! Ask the audience to discuss their concerns with one another and to you at the table. It will make the whole subject of the presentation more interesting and such ways will surely fascinate the audience with your presentation as well.
  10. Breaks – Breaks are the most important thing in a presentation session. Our minds cannot concentrate properly without a short break. Thus try not to babble about your presentation topic for straight 2 or 3 hours. Give them a break of 10 or 15 minutes at least in the middle. In such a way, the audience will relax, and your presentation will seem to be more fascinating


There are no easy ways to fascinate someone, not even your own wife! Human beings are a complicated creature, and you have to use the ‘try and error’ method to fascinate them. Good luck!