Using Getting Things Done To Enhance Productivity

By Published On: October 9th, 2019Categories: Leadership, Presentation Tips
Using Getting Things Done To Enhance Productivity

Using Getting Things Done To Enhance Productivity

Oftentimes thing gets complicated in business, and you feel like procrastinating your tasks. We need to put an extra effort to get things done. The Getting Things Done (GTD Method) technique ensures that things get done systematically and on time. In today’s competitive scenario, every professionals and organization walk an extra mile to enhance its productivity. Business professionals, strategists, often use several techniques, methods, and frameworks to boost up productivity. You won’t deny the fact that it’s arduous to maintain consistent productivity. There can be several distractions when you work; even no one is over you to judge. Its where GTD or getting the thing done productive technique can work.

Developed in 2001 by David Allen after years of research and practice, it’s the most popular productive system out there today. It’s an effective system which blocks all inputs to your mind. So, you can focus on what’s truly crucial, which in turns allows you to perform your best and get more. GTD is a performance appraisal tool which, when implemented, can restore peace and stability as everything gets filed orderly into the system, eliminating the chaos and disorders that comes after responding emergencies and putting out fires. GTD is a technique which organizes and tracks your tasks and projects. It enables the firm to stay organized and productive. From outside, it may seem complicated, but its ultimate goal to spend less time doing the things you have to do so you get enough time for the things you want to do.

What is Getting Things Done?


In today’s modern world, old concepts or techniques don’t work. You probably might have heard about getting things done the method. But weren’t aware of how to implement it. In general terms, GTD is a methodology which assists in achieving targets simply by acquiring a routine that can be incorporated in once daily schedule.

When implemented precisely, the GTD framework acts as a full proof system which keeps track of all your crucial activities which builds trust with your system. So instead of getting anxious about keeping track of all activities, your brain frees up and gets more time for productive thinking.

Getting Things Done is not just a way of things getting done, It’s a framework which organizes and tracks your tasks in a way which builds 100% trust. So, you get assured that the things on your to-do list are the things you really want to do.

The GTD concept relays on the fact that the brain is excellent in developing innovative ideas but fails in remembering it. Getting Things Done is a concept which assists in taking vague ideas, inspirations, whims into action. The idea behind the concept is to build trust. So, your mind stops getting anxious. Freeing up the brain and reducing stress turns it more productive.


How does GTD Concept work?


If you often find yourself stressing over to remember something, then Getting Things Done is just for you. By implementing GTD, you can benefit a lot in your productivity journey. The getting things done concept revolves around the concept that you have multiple inputs. These are the elements which enter your conscious mind, and you need to decide what need to be done with it. It could be numbers, details, meetings need to be attended. Often people become stressed in order to remember everything and continuously worrying about what you’ve forgotten. This calls for David Allen’s ‘’ Getting Things Done ‘’ model. GTD relies on several factors which aid in organizing everything that comes in your minds.

The GTD method stands on Five pillars or stands for staying organized:

  • Capture: The Foremost function of GTD technique is to capture all your ideas. Oftentimes our mind develops great ideas, but in the hassle of time, we get too busy to trace it down. But later forgets it soon. That’s because our mind is for generating ideas, not for storing it. The initial tend of the GTD system is to capture everything and file into a trusted system so that decisions can be made inappropriate time.
  • Clarify: Once you have everything noted down in your inbox. The next step is prioritizing it. Review each of your task and ask yourself a question, Is it actionable? It assists you to eliminate anything which isn’t worth worrying.
  • Organize: Next step is to organize the inputs by category and priority. Now, as you have a sorted everything in your inbox. Once you identify what important is it. You can put it into an appropriate container.
  • Reflect: Go through your category list and make sure you review it often. The prime reason why GTD doesn’t work is that people forget to review to-dos consistently, it gets harder to keep up with the system.
  • Engage: As you are organized and ready with action plans. Your To-dos are set by priority and are also categorized. If your system is correctly set-up. If you are on the top of your tasks and knows what’s to be done on each day, then you only need just to pull up your task and just execute the plan.

Getting Things Done is not just a system; its an attitude which ensures your tasks are organized, completed, and yield the most productive results. You can not only use the Getting Things Done method for presentation but also for office-related or daily life tasks to ensure that you are able to save time.