• Monthly Recurring Revenue PowerPoint Template
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue PowerPoint Templates

Monthly Recurring Revenue PowerPoint Template is a chart slideshow reporting statistics of SaaS. The template is in the form of a data-driven chart with 12 bars to explain MRR. PowerPoint bar charts enable statistical visualization of all types of data. It helps business professionals and researchers to display concepts having statistical value. However, this Monthly Recurring Revenue template is designed to MRR with a diagrammatic representation. Monthly recurring revenue is subscription-based revenue generation that cyclically comes each month. You can calculate MRR by multiplying the average revenue per account by the total number of customers for that month. It is similar to Annual Recurring Revenue. You can download Annual Recurring PowerPoint Template if you need it.

The Monthly Recurring Revenue PowerPoint bar chart contains 12 bars to show the MRR of each month. You can see tricolors in each bar; this indicates a different type of MRR. For example, the red at the bottom shows churned MRR, the sky blue color represents existing MRR, the expansion MRR is shown by violet color, and the blue color on top of the bar represents new MRR. Business One Pager template Monthly Recurring Revenue Slide PowerPoint can be used to demonstrate your MRR in online meetings. It is perfect for presenting subscription-based revenue that is predictable in nature. Besides, the MRR template will perfectly display monthly growth and variations.

The Bar Chart for Monthly Recurring Revenue PowerPoint presentation is a Business One Pager for finance and statistics. It helps summarizes many activities and stats involved in the SaaS. Apart from the MRR slideshow, it was used for various presentation interests. The users can change the black and white PowerPoint background, size, shape, and colors filled in bars. Further, you can delete and reduce the number of ppt bars if you go with less than 12 variables. Download simple data presentation charts in PowerPoint.