How to Use Sections in PowerPoint

By Published On: June 12th, 2024Categories: Blog Post
How to Use Sections in PowerPoint

A long time back, when I was creating slides for a fun work activity, I stumbled across a tiny inconvenience. I realised that I had way too many slides created, and looking for slides, or finding a specific one was starting to be a hassle. I spent a lot of time trying to think I could somehow complete my work, but all I wanted was to be a bit more organized. If you’re going through the same problem, and want to organize your slides, there’s a very handy feature in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint has a feature called Sections that you can use to help you manage and organize your slides more effectively. In this article, we’ll go through how you can use Sections in PowerPoint.

What are Sections in PowerPoint?

Think of Sections as folders you use to organize files, instead you use them to organize slides into meaningful groups. These sections are not visible to your audience while presenting your slideshow. You can create Sections for grouping slides together, and even move your slides around different sections. This feature is available on all the latest version of PowerPoint, on Windows, Mac, and the Web.

How to Create a Section in PowerPoint

You can create a Section in PowerPoint by right-clicking on the space between any two slides in the side panel. Choose Add Section.


You’ll get an option to name the section, and after that the Section will now be visible.


At any point you can rename, remove, move, collapse and expand sections by just right-clicking on them.


If the section you create, does not include the first slide, a default section will be created automatically (check the above image).

Managing Sections in PowerPoint

Once you’ve added sections, you can manage them easily:

Collapse or expand Sections in PowerPoint by clicking on the triangle next to the section title.

You can move an entire Section, by right clicking the Section title and selecting Move Section Up or Move Section Down.

You can delete Sections by right clicking on the title, and selecting Remove Section.

Rename any section by right clicking the section title and selecting Rename Selection. Type in a new name, and confirm.

Benefits of Using Sections

Now to really know how Sections in PowerPoint can benefit you, you’d have to know the benefits of using it.

First and foremost, using Sections can help you become more organized in PowerPoint. Grouping slides into various sections can help things neat and tidy, which can improve your workflow, especially when you’re working with many slides.

You can collapse sections that you’re not working on, so that you can focus on what you’re working on. This helps you stay away from distractions within PowerPoint.

Sections also allow you to rearrange groups of slides. If you have a large presentation file, with many sections, you can re-order the sections for specific presentation use cases.

This also helps when you’re collaborating with others on the same PowerPoint file. You can assign different sections to different people, so that they can work on individual parts of the presentation. This isn’t a natively available feature in PowerPoint, more of an idea that you can try to improve your experience when working with a team.

Well, that’s about it. I hope you’re able to use Sections in your presentations effectively. There’s a ton of benefits to gain from using it. It makes your entire work process much more organized, helping you focus on your work, especially when you’re working on a large number of slides. Check out our blog for more helpful articles like this. We also have presentation resources that you can check out, if you create a lot of presentations.

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