How to Create an Enticing Sales Presentation

By Published On: October 29th, 2019Categories: Presentation Skils, Presentation Tips
How to Create an Enticing Sales Presentation

Using PowerPoint slides for sales presentation is quite obvious in the corporate or other business fields. It is almost expected today that you will use PowerPoint sales presentation. The presenters can add attractive visual graphics to convey their messages with its full potential and easy-to-learn format. But too often sales presenters are not as effective as they could be when speaking in a PowerPoint presentation. The class of your sales presentation will often determine whether a prospect buys from you or one of your challengers. However, most presentations fail to attract persons or motivate them to make a buying decision. In spite of the attractive PowerPoint templates, your presentation would not kick into the right spot. Here, we can assume that a beautiful PowerPoint design has its own limitations, it only projects your sales ideas, doesn’t generate or create an idea. So, the success of your sales presentation depends on your strategic move towards your audience or your customers. The following tips will help you create a sales presentation that will inspire your buyers.

Study your customers

One of the most common mistakes people make is to use a generic presentation. They repeat the same thing in every presentation and hope that something in their presentation will appeal to a prospective customer. Sometimes, you have been a victim of this kind of approach. The discussion of your service or product must be adapted to each person. Adjust it to comprise specific points that are unique to that particular buyer. This means to study your customer beforehand and becoming familiar with their business and the industry that they operate in. go through their business website or social media pages and check newsletters, blogs, annual reports and other relevant information. Research their close competitors and if possible tailor your presentation to display how your product can help them gain a competitive advantage. If you use Google Slides or other presentation software, place the company logo on your presentation slides relate their situation. Demonstrate clearly how your product or services tackle their specific problem. So, it is crucial to ask your customer probing questions before you start talking about your company.

Customer must feel you are offering a solution for their problems. Don’t think of your offering as a product or service. spend the discovery portion of your meeting uncovering and understanding those top challenges, then focus the rest of your presentation on solving them. Don’t get distracted by features and advantages that aren’t important to your prospect or you might just talk your way out of closing a big sale.

Tell your customer what they will get by using your product versus your competitors, at the same time don’t blame others product because it will make suspicious of your credibility.

Focused on the point

People have no time to hear long-winded discussions. Prepare your key points and learn how to make them quickly. Everybody often faces such situations that the salespersons talking too much and even beyond out of the topic or his purpose itself. So, don’t ramble at great length about your product. Make sure you know what key points you want to deliver and practice presenting them before you meet with your prospect. After transmitting your key points, be prepared to listen to the customer, ask questions and take notes of comments so you can better discern their specific requirements. Tell them how your product addresses their requirements. Politely respond to any objections or criticisms they may have about the product or service. Get feedback and use it to improve your product/services or make better future sales presentations.

Do not interrupt or argue with a customer! If you are making a presentation to a group, try to courteously nudge the discussion back on track. It saves everyone time and kicks the sales process into the right track.

Be enthusiastic, and respect the knowledge of your customers

The majority of sales presentations you have been heard created antipathy to the presenters. It has been boring and unimaginative. If you really want to stand out from the crowd make sure you express enthusiasm and energy. Use your body and voice effectively and vary your tone and style. A common mistake made when people talk about a product they are very familiar with is to speak in a single tone. This will cause the listener to quickly lose interest in your presentation. Use a voice recorder to tape your presentation. This will allow you to hear your own words and style of expression. Similarly, don’t underestimate your customers, they are coming from the same or different field, have enough knowledge about your product and services. So, they can easily radar your exaggerated comments of the product.

Incorporate some form of showmanship

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The salesperson should have integrity, humility, and a little showmanship. After all, no one likes a boring sales presenter or a salesman. A sales presenter should be cognizant if the client is losing attention. Why a street seller does show such mannerism? Sometimes, you think he is doing the wrong thing with his overstated comments and demonstrations. But the fact is that he can attract specific customers they are unknowingly influenced by his showmanship. Consider the effect of this approach of saying something like,” once you use our product you will be a fan of ours”.

Believe in your product/service

Undoubtedly, this is the most critical element of any presentation. But some people have a feeling that salesperson doesn’t need to believe his product. He can sell anything with his tongue. He can sell an air cooler in Antarctica with his charismatic salesmanship. I’m sorry, I just don’t believe that sales success is only about having confidence in your ability to sell. They should have a feeling that the product/ service will calm their problems and it can help prospects achieve their goals.

Final word

If you have a unique product in your hand, you don’t get hardy challenges. But in the modern competitive scenario, every unique product becomes a generic product. So, a sales presentation required strategic planning to demonstrate and sell a product.