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Harvey Balls PowerPoint Templates & Keynotes

Unlock amazing designs under our collection of Harvey balls PowerPoint templates to engage with your audience. As the name suggests Harvey balls are round, ball-like structures also called Ideograms are usually used to visualize qualitative data. Harvey ball chart is an ideal tool for qualitative comparisons and also for project status tracking. Harvey balls template generally uses several balls empty, semi-fill, full, partially filled which can be used to check how good or bad, complete or incomplete, how much is the pending work is. Abstract data in improper numerical form can easily be showcased using these Harvey balls ppt.

Demonstrating a complex project management process can be a daunting task. However, using our Harvey balls PowerPoint template you can deliver your message confidently in an understandable manner which meets the desired target. You can utilize these Harvey balls template to display qualitative information’s, project status, improvement analysis, comparisons, etc. These Harvey balls meet the earnest versatility. Easily miscible with your presentation you don’t need to apply much time and effort in customization of these PowerPoint templates. With our Harvey balls PowerPoint template, you get a perfect match of great graphics and unique designs.