• sun ray template diagram

The radial grid 5-year transformation slide is a presentation deck for multiple uses. As a transformation map, it shows the current and future state with the backing of the sun ray element. The layouts offer concentric circles with one to five-quarter results in conversion. It is also useful for showing gradual changes in processes or events. You can describe timeline developments, business growth, and vision in the sun ray model roadmap template. Besides, you can add the design with a science PowerPoint collection because the sun is a central energy principle. This transformation diagram template could incorporate business transformation, life transformation, environmental transformation, and global warming issues.

Transformation PowerPoint template contains 16 slides in various yellow color variations. This slide features sunray layers that have different sections to show the results of the transformation. Light, medium, dark, and very dark yellow color layers personify the sun ray as the education presentation design. It looks like partial and full sun images in a semi-circle PowerPoint layout. These are concentric circles of five topics with two and three sunbeams. The presenters can use each division for presenting multiple subjects. It is best for gap analysis presentation or the gap between the current and future states.

This transformation template for the PowerPoint presentation is a professional diagram with edit options. It is perfect for categorizing major business functions like marketing, sales, development, gap, finance, and human resources. With this, the project team can make an efficient business plan strategy. The PowerPoint template is ideal for managers and consultants to suggest changes in the strategic model of a business enterprise. Further, using innovative graphics will get the audience's attention and participation. The customizable template allows several changes in features. For example, the users can change the black and white PowerPoint background to make a different look in the sun ray template. However, keep the yellow color changes because it is a natural color sun gives out.