• Smartphone App Mockup PowerPoint Template
  • Smartphone App Mockup PPT Template
  • Smartphone App Mockup PowerPoint
  • Smartphone App Mockup Template PPT

Smartphone Application Mockup PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

In the era of communication explosion, PowerPoint presentation should be changed its style and tone. This smartphone application mockup is not only created for the display of the specification features of a smartphone device. But it can also use for the presentation of different topics including the cyber security and cyber ethics. And be used to display new business opportunities and business idea in this revolutionary metaphor. The high definition graphics and its effects surely catch the attention of the viewers including the children. The presenters can exploit the possibilities of the modern visual engagement to penetrate the minds of millions.

Smartphone application mockup for PowerPoint has several treatments that include the display of the features of an Android smartphone. Smartphone Application Mockup is a solid presentation featuring a hand-held smartphone in the first slide and provision for featuring more inner pages of the application in the next slides. The handheld visual gives a personal and intimate feel so that the audience will touch more connected with it. The user can edit the smartphone screens to substitute the application metaphors so that it can showcase app navigation and high-level features of any new Mobile Applications.

Smartphone Application Mockup Template has a fascinating design which lets you get an impression of your application without having the need for a working model. The slides have provision for keeping app features side by side the mock for easy reference for discussion or brainstorming that will assess it. The template approachability and uses can be as multipurpose as using it for client presentations, to software design and functional analysis meetings, to help create an engaging message supported with quality graphics that will appeal your audience. Everything is fully customizable including fonts and color scheme. Be professional in the way you present your application by using Smartphone Application Mockup templates, available in both Keynote and PowerPoint

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