• NonProfit Vs For Profit PowerPoint Diagram

Nonprofit VS for Profit PowerPoint Template

Nonprofit VS for-profit PowerPoint diagram delineates business presentations regarding two opposite matters. The business timeline template is focusing Non-profit Organizations for building their operations and service designs. This relationship diagram contains 4 slides of social entrepreneurship presentation. Social entrepreneurship is a method by which entrepreneurs are willing to share a profit with social and eco-friendly development programs as a part of their social obligations. The timeline arrangement of business PowerPoint diagram contains the topic such as traditional charity, sustainable non-profit, social enterprises, responsible enterprises, and traditional enterprises. This model for non-profits and for-profits is useful for elucidating business activities that include a combination of both social enterprise factors. By and large non-profit organizations also make profits like for-profit organizations. But the process of handling those profits differs in these organization types. This presentation diagram of sustainable service ppt could help elaborate on split organizations.

Almost every corporate industry has its own NGOs to spend charity funds. They have to show their social commitment by spending for the poor’s and also spending to maintaining the ecological balance. Most of the NGOs have a view of sustainability in living and non-living matters. As an indispensable area of charity giving, NGOs and corporate businesses can download the Non-profit VS for-profit PowerPoint template to display the concept of social entrepreneurship and their position on these efforts. Here, the business models standing for not only profit-making but also the outcome of a business that makes the sustainable development for society and people. But in the case of the traditional business model, it is working only from a profit-making point of view.

The circle timeline PowerPoint for the business spectrum presentation is a colorful timeline slide that can be downloaded for multiple presentations. This is a generic PowerPoint for business presentation usable for business process development presentations or company history ppt presentations. The NonProfit VS For-Profit PowerPoint Diagram provides 4 slides of two color variations. However, these are easily changeable colors that users can modify. You can access more Timeline PowerPoint Templates & process flow template here. Grab the free ppt now!