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A Leader board template is a simple vertical design created with the ranking hierarchy. You can use the template to display a competitive score of participants. It is worthwhile showcasing the results of competitions, games, exams, sports, etc. The users can add and write down the scores in separate columns and display and results at the end. Television channels, online game providers, and game organizers can use the leaderboard template to show their participant's rank and positions. The widescreen layout with column powerpoint designs helps professionals from any field. For example, project managers can use the template for keeping an activity score to rate team members at month's end. Similarly, teachers can use the leader board ppt to show exam winners in a multi-round test. The customizable features help for recurring uses for big screen presenters.

The Leader board template for powerpoint presentation shows three scoreboards with participants' photographs and ranking. The three rows display the names of participants with a brief description zone. Name, description, and ranking are the key areas of the leaderboard template. This layout provides information on how the competition has gone and summarizes the results. It could be useable as motivation slides by arranging the top leaders in different fields. HR professionals can use it as an employee template based on productivity or work performance. Hence, this functional template consumes any topic with a competitive value.

The leader board template slide is a high-definition powerpoint design that contains two slides on black and white background. Besides, our professional designers used light color fills to tint the columns. The variant blue color codes enable attractions to the sleek design. Further, customizable features help add photos and text easily. Moreover, the users can add infographics, effects, and other decorative designs if needed. Changing background colors may provide a different look. So, make changes and create a stunning presentation with this leaderboard powerpoint template.