• Leader Board PowerPoint Template

The Leaderboard powerpoint template is a one-pager layout suitable to display the ranking and positions of game participants. The vertical powerpoint columns fit, presenting the hierarchy of win positions in a competition. It helps show the results of games, exams, sports, and competitions at all levels. You can monitor the scores in separate columns and display current positions. This is five column ppt presentation with decorative icons and beautiful background designs. It is useful for medal tally presentation of games and sports. A Leaderboard template can be a beneficial tool for television channels, game organizers, and online game providers to show the rank and positions of competitors. Besides, business presenters can use the template to showcase leading positions in automobile sales, consumer durables, and all sector annual sales growth scenarios. The vertical columns and rows fit for widescreens to project upcoming events as an agenda powerpoint presentation.

The leaderboard powerpoint template presentations has common design themes focusing on board presentation. The template is decorated with ornamental designs on the border and catchy infographic styles all around. The project manager can use the template to display the productivity of team members within a stipulated time frame. In addition, it could be used as a scoring card template during team meetings. Likewise, teachers can use the leaderboard template to display the rank positions of students after examinations. Besides, the layout fits to show election results as well.

The leaderboard powerpoint template in a dark blue background powerpoint provides a gentle feel when seeing it. So, audience attention will be at its maximum. The five-layer template is best for presenting medal tallies of an event since it displays gold, silver, and bronze aside. Similarly, the photo placeholder enables insert photos of participants easily. Besides, the golden stars for review and ratings support your data presentation impeccably. Download the attractive leader template now!