• Ladder Of Inference Template

The ladder of inference is a decision model that explains our actions depends up on our cognitions about the situation. Even an obvious act may occur after we understand the situation we are in. but there is an important thing: all humans are not performing the same actions in the same situation. Therefore, the difference in action also depends on our interpretation of the situation. The step of the ladder shows the process of how we act in a situation. The ladder hierarchy PowerPoint template illustrates seven steps we go through to act. These steps are objective facts or reality, selected facts, meanings, assumptions, conclusions, beliefs, and action.

All these elements of ladder PowerPoint is a step-by-step process of thinking for decision making. It is also used in research. Data collection is first and foremost starting with. If we have real and factual data, it will be easy to get an inference. So, each step in the ladder of inference template is obvious in any rational inquiry by collecting facts and figures. Even oral communication and gestures will help us understand the situation, and we can move to action. The ladder of inference explains the thinking process we take to understand the actual situation.

The ladder of inference starts with:

  • Objective facts or reality: data collection is the first stage
  • Selected facts: not taking every data. The data selection is based on the actor's prior experience and beliefs.
  • Meanings: next step is the interpretation of the selected facts
  • Assumptions: drawing assumptions according to our existing knowledge.
  • Conclusions: outlining conclusions based on interpreted facts and assumptions.
  • Beliefs: based on conclusions, we develop beliefs
  • Actions are taken based on our beliefs derived from our conclusions.


The ladder of inference model is created with two ppt backgrounds. The presenters and viewers can easily point out the elements in different color combinations. Each color call-out is ornamented with ppt icons that may or may not symbolize the ladder of inference. However, you can use more reliable ppt metaphors using PowerPoint edit options. Also, try out our Ladder metaphorical graphics template.