• Cog's Ladder

Cog’s Ladder is a group development model widely used for organizational behavior and group formation. The concept was developed by George Charrier, manager of Proctor and Gamble, in 1972. In his opinion, there are five stages of group development whereby an individual becomes a high performer. Our ladder PowerPoint template is a symbolic design created to explain the five stages of Cog’s Ladder. These five stages are the Polite stage, Why we are here stage, Bid for power stage, Cooperation stage, and Espirit Stage. You can see the ladder ppt representing each stage with textual explanation placeholders. Let’s have a look at the Cogs ladder in a nutshell:

Stage 1: Polite stage

This is the initial stage. People don’t want to expose too much information about themselves. They seem to be nervous and reserved. This is quite often when someone enters new relationships. This stage usually starts with polite notes and introductions.

Stage 2: Why we are here stage

After acquainting with team members, people move on to discuss why they are called together. And they start talking about team objectives. Communication becomes more natural.

Stage 3: Bid of the power stage

By this third stage, individuals start competing for getting influence and power and try to place the top of the hierarchy.

Stage 4: the Cooperation stage

Once the team has been hierarchy formed, the members are ready to work together for the overall objectives.

Stage 5: Espirit stage

In this stage, the team started performing well, and work was being done effectively. Productivity will be high in this stage, so they will try to maintain a high spirit to achieve the organization's overall goal.

Cog’s ladder template for PowerPoint presentation is a simple slide created with bullet point ppt illustration. It contains a ladder PowerPoint for step presentation and has yellow shade callout designs for inserting your texts. You can adjust color, size, and ppt icons as an editable PowerPoint ladder template. Also, try out our carrier ladder template.