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The triangle PowerPoint Ethos Pathos Logos template focuses on rhetoric instructional models. These are three traditional modes of persuasion; however still usable to attract an audience when you are in public speaking. The Aristotle model of communication proclaims public speaking depends on the speaker's personal character. So, the model focuses on speaker-centric aspects of communication. The Greek philosopher, who is still considered for his thought-provoking dogmas, also has a place in soft skill fields. When speaking about human nature rationally, Aristotle founded a linear communication model, considered the first communication model, which was suggested before 300 B.C. It is also the most widely acknowledged among all interaction models. This pyramid ppt template in a tri-color combination is a simple model to present three elements.

Ethos pathos Logos template for PowerPoint presentation help users define three models of Aristotle communication. Aristotle has provided three components that must be present in a good communicator or public speaker. These oratory elements are related to each other, and they reinforce the other elements. The three modes of persuasion are called logos, pathos, and ethos.

Ethos: Ethos is about the speaker’s trustworthiness and degree of influence, particularly concerning the matter at hand. If there is no credibility, the audience will not trust you and will not be inspired by you.

Pathos: Pathos literally means emotions. The bondage between the speaker and receiver makes sense in the relationship. They feel the speaker is one among them. Aristotle said that if the speaker can make good bondage with the audience, it causes rising speakers credibility.

Logos: Logos denotes logic. A speaker should have facts, figures, and other supporting evidence when he is on stage.

Ethos Pathos Logos template in triangle shape PowerPoint can be used to showcase three segments or processes. It comprises primary color codes with infographic images on the circle designs. The users can quickly alter the diagram's color, features, background, and size using the PowerPoint shapes menu. Download the communication matrix or interpersonal communication template for alternative uses