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Environmental presentation ESG slide template offers a green design to delineate ESG strategy for business. This is an awareness slide created for companies and NGOs to describe the impact of business strategies on the environment, society, and governance. This ESG slide template points out the social responsibility of operations and other companies while dealing with their operations. In the endeavor, the business should make the world a better place for living and non-living entities. Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a strategy to implement for future generations by protecting them from hazardous environmental threats. To do that, companies should have guidance about their business approaches. It enables companies to become more socially and environmentally conscious. Stakeholders, investors, employees, competitors, and peers will carry out the combined effort for environmental protection.

ESG framework for powerpoint presentation is two slides with black and white color backgrounds. The designs resemble green protocol pictures at a glance. It contains a Globe and leaves in blue and green shades. This visualization will tell the intention of your presentation without making a narration. On the left side, the presenters can briefly describe “what ESG is.” ESG considers how a company safeguards the environment, how to control impending climate change, and how to create growth within the ESG policy. ESG policies encourage companies to act responsibly. Besides, investors seem more interested in the companies they have taken stringent support to ESG guidance.

ESG powerpoint template allows adding infographic icons, animated clipart, and ppt charts to show current global situations related to climate change and other hazardous conditions. So, teachers, professionals, social workers, environmental activists, and administrators can use the environmental powerpoint template to share their messages about the earth’s protection. If you think these two slides are not enough to give a detailed presentation, you can make a combination while downloading a renewable energy presentation template or other templates for an ecology presentation.