• demographic transition

Demographic transition: as it is a multidisciplinary subject demography aids all fields of knowledge and research. This demographic transition template shows how the world population changes with definite periods worldwide. Demographic transition theory is classical population theory propounded by the American demographer Warren Thompson in 1929. It depicts the demographic history of a country. Demographic transition theory focuses focusing the transition from a high birth rate and high death rate (high stationary stage) to a low birth rate and low death rate (declining stage). This theory PowerPoint presentation template help demographers, population scientists, business managers, financial analysts, statisticians, sociologists, and other academic and corporate business professionals show the current situation of demographic fluctuations that might be best to grow the country and business.

Demographic transition theory PowerPoint presentation contains ten presentation templates specifically created to show demographic theory. The cover slide is a PowerPoint metaphor showing population distribution. Next to this, a graph ppt shows the stages of demographic transition. A circle diagram in PowerPoint also shows the demographic transition model. Each template contains a poster and timeline of PowerPoint designs to show the theory clearly.

Stages of demographic transition.

Stage one: high stationary stage or the pre-industrial stage—high birth rate, high death rate.

Stage two: early expanding stage- death rate falling but the birth rate remains high.

Stage three: late expanding stage-birth rate also falling but death rate remains stage two.

Stage four: low stationary stage—birth and death rates are common, but the total population remains high.

Stage five: declining stage—birth and death remain consistently low, but the delivery drops more rapidly.

The Demographic transition slide for PowerPoint presentation is an editable diagram so you can make changes in the place of content imprinted, which may aid you to create your topic easily.