• Current State Vs Future State Template for PowerPoint Keynote

Current State Vs Future State PowerPoint Template

Current state vs future state template for PowerPoint and keynote is a part of business process re-engineering and improvement. The PowerPoint diagram helps to display the two aspects of value stream mapping; these aspects are called current state value stream mapping and future state value stream mapping. The future state and current state are closely interlinked. Without current stream mapping, the future improvement of an organization doesn’t occur, so this current state vs future state PowerPoint is ideal to show the transformation process that can lead to the improvement of business and organization. The current state map looks essentially at what happens now, and the future state looks at how things should be carried out.

The current state vs future state PowerPoint template enables the flow of processes to be identified, and then prioritize areas for development. The material flows between the different stages of production can be illustrated by the current state vs future state PowerPoint diagram. The two streams include two types of flows; the material and the information flow. The template can be used to analyze how the business process will work. What processes are key to the company’s vision? How ill those processes operate? How will they be measured? These questions are important to analyze the future prospects of the company. Defining resource requirements and identifying change agents are other steps for future state analysis.

The current state vs future state template is designed to display the conceptual changes in the business process. The current and future state diagram are providing a vivid picture of the “Now” and “then”. The current state PowerPoint template shows the image of a mountain climber, he is trying to climb on the top of the mountain. These symbolize metaphor to represent the current state and future state of the person. Obviously, this man is a business professional who trying to change and improve the current state. The high-definition PowerPoint image is used to convey the essence of the presentation theme. The current state vs future state PowerPoint is useful for both big and small entrepreneurs.