Techniques to Emphasize Presentation Concept

By Published On: May 20th, 2019Categories: Presentation Tips
Techniques to Emphasize Presentation Concept

The appropriate techniques to emphasize presentation concept

To Emphasize presentation concept can be the simplest and the hardest thing, simultaneously. The nature of the task depends on how you are going to handle it. If you are going to mark out a point in your presentation template itself, it can be easy, but if you want to emphasize any point during your speech, it can be pretty hard. However, the hardest task of a presentation is to emphasize a presentation concept. The concept of your presentation templates is important to highlight the background of the subject of your presentation session. And how that can be emphasized? Lots of people get confused in this field.

What are the presentation concepts?

But before we discuss the point emphasizing presentation concept, we should first discuss the definition of the concept. What are the concepts in the presentation? Well, it is the idea you are channelling through. In more clear words, the concept of the presentation can say to be the templates where different metaphors and analogies try to decipher the subject of a particular presentation. Concepts of a presentation always play a role in the background. Thus, they always have a vague message to convey to the audience at large. Concepts do not provide the answers to a question; rather, they only provide the background.

Why is it hard to emphasize the presentation concept?

As we have stated earlier, a concept is mostly presented vaguely. They are wrapped in metaphors and analogies, which in turn deciphers the subject matter of a particular presentation. Not only they help the presenters to give the speech perfectly, but they also help to prepare the presentation template in a better way as well.

Although the vague nature of a concept can seem to be a blessing, it can be a disadvantage too. And the disadvantage lies in emphasizing it properly. You cannot put anything directly in a presentation concept so you cannot emphasize a presentation concept easily as well. Another difficulty that occurs while emphasizing a concept is the presence of too many characters. As stated earlier, concepts are generally filled with metaphors and analogies so it can be pretty difficult to emphasize a concept as a whole. You just cannot underline it, or you cannot just highlight it.

Also, the concept of a presentation does not have any direct link to the presentation topic; rather, they mostly play the role of defining the background of the topic. Thus, the absence of no direct connection poses as another point why the presentation concept cannot be emphasized easily using a simple sentence or an underline.

Why is it important to emphasize the concept of any presentation?

Now many people may ask the obvious question– why we need to emphasize the concept of a presentation. Well, it may seem concept does not play any role at all, but in reality, it plays many subtle roles which we ignore. What are those roles? Let us have a look.

  1. The first importance of emphasizing the concept of a presentation is to deliver the idea of the presentation perfectly. A concept itself is a vague perspective. And if you do not emphasize the concept of a presentation in a more direct way, it is most likely that the audience will skip it. And if an audience skips the essence of a concept, he never is going to grab the subject matter of a presentation perfectly. We need the best PowerPoint designs that can spotlight your content.
  2. Secondly, emphasizing the concept of a presentation can help you to make your presentation templates neat and clean. Not only that, it eases out the topic of a presentation, but it also keeps the templates of a presentation clear for the audience. By emphasizing the concept of a presentation, the audience can easily get the picture of the presentation that the presenters die trying.
  3. Another importance of having the concept of your presentation emphasized is to maintain the visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy is to maintaining the importance of all the parts of a presentation. And having your concept emphasized helps you to maintain the visual hierarchy of any presentation perfectly.

The techniques to emphasize your presentation concept

Now that we have discussed the importance of having your concept emphasized in a presentation, we are going to discuss how you are going to do it. Thus, here, we will discuss the obvious techniques through which you can easily emphasize the concept of any presentation without any hard trying or any hard labor. Let us have a look.

  1. Be blatant– the first technique of emphasizing the concept of your presentation is to be blatant. Nothing can ever be better than telling the audience about the concept of your presentation clearly, without any metaphors or indirect connection. Just be blatant and point out the concept of your presentation clearly with sentences like, “listen closely,” or “this is important” etc. Among all other techniques, the best method is to shout out loud about the concept of your presentation. In this way, you do not have to be confused about whether the audience actually grabbed the essence or not. Also, it does not matter how engaging your presentation is, some of the audiences are going to zone out with time. Thus, being literal and blatant is the best way to convey the importance of the concept of your presentation.
  2. Repeat yourself– From all your experience regarding presentation and all other lessons you have gotten on presentation, being repetitive is the worst kind. But when you are going to emphasize the concept of any presentation, you need to repetitive sometimes. It is useless to repeat the point which you do not want to emphasize. But if you want to emphasize anything or any concept of the presentation, you have to be repetitive. At first, deliver your speech regarding the particular point and scan the audience carefully. After a certain pause, deliver the same point in a different wrap. That will do.
  3. Whisper– Whispering in an audible tone is the reverse psychology that can be used by many presenters. Mostly, the audience of a presentation session is accustomed to the high, loud tone of the presenter. Thus, their ears automatically tune in to that loud pitch, which makes them zone out easily too. But whenever, you deliver any sentence in a slightly lighter tone, the tunes break, and the audience automatically starts to pay attention. You can use this reverse technology in case of emphasizing the concept of a presentation. Once you start talking in a comparatively softer voice, the audience is going to pay attention, and your job of emphasizing is done there.
  4. Slow your pace– the best way to emphasize the concept of your presentation is to slow your pace accordingly. You need to give your audience sufficient time to catch the emphasizing. Not only that but by giving a slow pace, you are also going to give your audience the impression of telling something important. In such a way, you can easily the concept of your presentation, and they will give importance to it.
  5. Eye contact– Another important point in case you are trying to emphasize the concept of your presentation is to make eye contacts. Throughout the whole presentation session, the eyes of the presenter have to play a difficult role. The presenter has to often look at the slides of the presentation, at times at the podium and at times at the audience. And the time you are going to look at the audience, you have to play that time very carefully to utilize it fully. There cannot be an any better time to emphasize the concept of your presentation than the time you actually make eye contact with the audience. Eye contact makes the audience attentive. Thus, the audience gets the concepts better.
  6. Power stance– Another way to get your concept emphasized is to make your power stance. Constant still body language can be stressful for the audience, and it can also be boring too. And the boring audience cannot ever get the emphasis on your concepts of the presentation right. Thus, to channel through the concepts, you need to change your stance, your body language, and the tone of your speech from time to time. This is one of the best ways to get the attention of the audience, and you can emphasize the concepts of your presentation in a better way.
  7. Moral– Based on the concepts of your presentation, you can put up a moral at the end of the presentation. It does not matter whether the audience has paid attention throughout the whole presentation or not; they will surely pay attention to the moral or end of the presentation. So, while summing up the moral, you can easily refer to the concepts of the presentation, and this way, the audience will easily get the emphasis or importance of the concept of your presentation.


The truth is there are no easy ways to get your emphasis done. You can follow the above points and get your work done. Or else, you can invent your own ways based on the audience; you are going to entertain. Happy Presenting.