Desinging Tools in PowerPoint

By Published On: May 20th, 2019Categories: Presentation Tips
Desinging Tools in PowerPoint

Use of advanced designing tools in a PPT

Only a great content can’t work out to make a spectacular presentation. You need an advanced designing tool to a charismatic look to your presentation. In the world of the modern-day corporate system, it is important to make your presentation a unique one. It does not matter how good intern or good employee you are; if you cannot impress your client base, you are not worthy of anything. And there exists only one way to impress the client base- a great presentation. So, it is rather obvious that you cannot win the clients with an average presentation slide, is it? But how to make a good presentation? What steps should we take to make a presentation an exceptional one? Let us find out here.

We all know that without a good idea and content, a presentation cannot be a great one. But sometimes lots of presenters fail to impress the clients even if they had an amazing idea. Why? It is because of the designing process. Only a good material cannot turn out to be a spectacular dress if you don’t put any decorative minds on it, right? The same concept works exactly in case of presentation as well. Good content is the obvious necessity, but with a blunt design, it is going to fail anyway. And to prevent that, all you need to do is to put more efforts into designing the templates better. Here we are going to throw some light on the designing skills of PowerPoint.

Features of Designing Tools in PowerPoint

While using a PowerPoint, you can find many features to use in your PPT. However, all those features can be broadly categorized into three steps

  1. Basic skills.
  2. Intermediate skills
  3. Advanced skills.

Basic skills are those skills that are necessary to create and run a presentation slide such as using various design views, using different slide layouts, moving texts, clipart, etc. The intermediate skills are those skills that allow you to enhance your work and optimize it, such as using outlines, drawing toolbars or adding build animations, etc.

And the last skill, i.e., advanced skills are those that allow you to customize your slides according to your wish. This designing feature necessarily needs a good, capable hand and a good knowledge base too. If you are wondering what these advanced features are and how to use them, we are here to enlighten you. But first, we have to know why the advanced features are important in a PPT.

The importance of using the advanced designing tool in PPT

Advanced features are not necessary for all PPT slides and are not used in every other circumstance. However, the importance of using advanced features while designing a PPT has been enumerated here. Let us have a look.

  1. Better control- Advanced features give you better control over your PPT. If you use only basic or intermediate features, you will only have limited control over your designing work; rather, you can only have the hand on permuting and combining the previous existing designs on your PowerPoint. So, if you wish to design your PPT according to your wish, advanced features are needed absolutely.
  2. Flexibility- Another importance of the advanced feature is flexibility. With the help of the customization skill, one can easily design the PPT as they like. Thus advanced features provide a better flexible scheme which is not present in other features of a PowerPoint.
  3. More options- Basic skills and intermediate skills are fairly limited in their area. But advanced skills are not. Thus with the help of advanced features, you can easily get more options to design. Thus manual setting is one of the important features of the advanced settings.
  4. Better impression- The use of advanced designing features show your efforts in your presentation. And due to the flexible options, it creates a much better designing effect too. Thus advanced designing features always provide better first impressions.

The advanced designing features

The advanced designing tools on a PowerPoint can be classified into the following categories-

  1. Customization- slide customization is one of the advantages of using advanced features. Under the head of the customization, you can accomplish some activities such as changing the color scheme for a single slide or all slides, changing background colors or background graphics, changing master pages such as title slide, regular slide, notes, etc. and modifying templates.
  2. Enhancing text and objects- Only customization of the background will not help you win the battle of presentation, but you have to concentrate on enhancing the texts of the slides too. The advanced designing tool gives you the liberty of enhancing texts and other objects of your slide as the way you like. From text anchoring to scaling, with the help of the advanced designing tool, you can do anything.

The main advanced features in the segment of texts are as follows-

  • The use of format painter to copy the style of formatted text onto iter text.
  • Add borders and shadows around your text box to highlight it in a better way.
  • An easy way of anchoring texts according to the needs of the slides.
  • Also, never forget the advanced drawing tools with the help of which you can use layered, flipped, or rotating objects. For better effect, you can use WordArt.
  • To fit the texts in a better way, use the tool scaling.

The pros and cons of using advanced designing tools

Superior things can never have disadvantages; it is a common belief. But what people tend to forget is there is no superior and no inferior, only the better. The same goes for designing tools as well. Just like the basic and intermediate skills of designing presentation slides, the advanced tools have its pros and cons. So, if you are making your mind up to use the advanced designing tool in your next presentation, it is better to have a clear picture first, i.e., the column of pros and cons. Let us have a look.


  1. Better designing- It is quite obvious that advanced designing tool will provide you with a better designing provision than the basic or intermediate skills. With the help of the advanced tool, you can easily customize or add things that could not be done with other features.
  2. Flexible and better control- Basic and intermediate skills had a limited option where all the control of designing a presentation was upon the hands of the system itself. But with new advanced features, you can take the control into your own hands. Not l my that but it also provides many flexibilities.
  3. Manual settings- Advanced features help you to get your manual side on. You can manually design your slides, which certainly pose a different impression on the audience. Also, this enhances the growth system too by pulling out different ideas and concepts.


  1. Power corrupts- Whenever you take charge of designing your slide manually, many times, it will end up looking clumsy. As it is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, the advanced designing tool gives you the liberty which if not handled properly, can ruin your whole slide. Thus, it can be said that freshers or beginners should always stay away from using advanced designing tools.
  2. Time-consuming- Decorating your slide with the help of advanced designing tool is time-consuming as you have to add features manually, unlike basic or intermediate features. So, if you have to create slides in a short span of time, advanced features will not be much of help there.

In a nutshell, if you are not a beginner and you are not In a hurry to finish your presentation, you can always use advanced features as this will only contribute to your advantage.


With an evolving corporate world, the way if the presentation is changing too. Thus it is quite irresistible not taking help of the advanced designing tools. You may even check out some of the most interesting PowerPoint templates to give an astonishing look to your presentation. Happy advancing!