Best Marketing PowerPoint Templates for PPT Presentations

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Best Marketing PowerPoint Templates for PPT Presentations

Do you have an upcoming marketing PowerPoint presentation to display “Golden Rules of Marketing”? If yes, we have 100 plus Best Marketing PowerPoint Templates for PPT Presentation. No need to spend your valuable time creating Marketing PPT Templates. Just go through our huge collections of ready-made marketing templates; it will give you a wide variety of attractive marketing slides for your next presentation.

Here we have compiled the 28 best marketing PowerPoint templates. These templates focus on different areas of marketing, including digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, marketing strategies, and many more marketing theories and concepts in these marketing PowerPoint slides.

Best marketing ppt presentation is a resourceful collection of inspiring marketing designs. Still, all the PowerPoint marketing slides are open to modifications. Besides, the inclusion of own marketing techniques and strategies is allowed. You can use the personalization options of Microsoft PowerPoint and Mac Keynote to make changes to the PowerPoint backgrounds. Explore and choose the best marketing templates that fit your presentation just right!

1. Marketing Tips presentation template

marketing tips


The tinted slide of the marketing tips presentation template offers to quote your marketing tips in a column PowerPoint design. Each section in the diagram has a different color combination with easy-to-read text formats. The best infographic could carry your texts in clear vision, and it also helps you learn topics quickly and easily. In addition, the marketing slide PowerPoint presentation won’t bore your learners since it has a simple PowerPoint design.

If you want to transmit complex topics and quotes, then it is better to use a plain PowerPoint design. So, our marketing tip PowerPoint presentation slide would be an ideal choice for both complex and simple ppt presentations.

2. SIVA model marketing template



Are you working in the business to consumer sales? If you are a leader, you should teach your team members the importance SIVA model marketing mix concept. SIVA model marketing template is saying about consumer-centric approach model. It is an alternative for 4ps of the marketing mix. The acronym SIVA stands for Solution, Information, Value, and Access.

The SIVA model marketing PowerPoint template is designed with different visual infographics of circle diagram, worksheet ppt, to-do list PowerPoint, intersecting ppt template, PowerPoint column comparison designs and a zigzag timeline template. Each template is perfectly colored and combined with preferable text zones. However, it seems to be different in black and white PowerPoint color backgrounds. SIVA model business PowerPoint template is also an education ppt for PowerPoint presentation.

3. Product marketing tree diagram template



Tree diagram designs in PowerPoint are generally showcasing growth stories. The tree is a symbol of organic growth, so that you can use it as the best symbol for market growth. You should follow certain standardized steps to reach your marketing goals. Here the product marketing tree diagram PowerPoint template is designed with these steps, i.e. research, analysis, development and launch. Metaphor PowerPoint templates are a great way to display your concepts as a self-explanatory PowerPoint.

The product marketing tree diagram template has a tree design with the modern visual art of leaves. It seems to be PowerPoint circles, so you can present four elements of product marketing using the picture. Like other PowerPoint and Keynote templates, you can add your own stories with the help of edit options.

4. Social media marketing tool PowerPoint template



Social media marketing tool PowerPoint template offers a presentation of online business strategies of digital marketing. Social media has become the most powerful marketing platform for online and offline products/services. People are continuously working with social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest etc., to attract customers to their business. The social media marketing PowerPoint is a digital marketing PowerPoint design that is still popular in Software as a Service.

The marketing ppt templates for social media marketing are vector infographic designs focusing on social media symbols and digital marketing slides. In addition, it has a beautiful intro slide of an animated cartoon ppt followed by the best marketing PowerPoint templates.

5. EPRG model international marketing PowerPoint template



Bring your audience into the kernel of your marketing plan presentation while introducing the EPRG model international marketing concept. The simple marketing PowerPoint deck has various structures in PowerPoint presentation, including a timeline template, square diagram, mind map model template and its background ppt color variants. Each template for marketing presentation makes your content fresh and clean with its use of color.

EPRG model international marketing PPT slide consists of four concepts of the EPRG framework. These concepts, Ethnocentric Orientation, Regio centric Orientation, Geocentric Orientation and Polycentric Orientation. EPRG’s marketing framework also addresses how strategic decisions are made within the company and how the interactions are formed and retained between the HQs of the company and its subsidiaries. This PowerPoint marketing slide is fit for agenda ppt presentation, strategy presentation and timeline presentation.

6. Multi-level marketing PowerPoint template



Do you need a presentation pitch deck for a multi-level marketing PowerPoint presentation? Then, our multi-level marketing PowerPoint template would be the best choice. The marketing template ppt contains 18 slides of direct marketing presentation so that you can add your marketing strategies and company profile with this marketing template. It is also comprised of a flow chart ppt, tree diagram PowerPoint design, hierarchy chart, pyramid ppt template etc. moreover, it is also filled with the best infographics for showing different leg formation of multi-level marketing.

The direct marketing PowerPoint template seems to be greyish-dark at a glance. However, it is filled with outer color schemes that will greatly impact your audience’s aesthetic sense. Use this marketing PPT template and make your marketing ideas impressive.

7. 4 C marketing model PowerPoint template



Create an ideal presentation from this 4C marketing model PowerPoint template. This is a professionally made, ready-to-use marketing Plan PPT deck with the latest PowerPoint vector SmartArt’s. It is perfect for a 4 PS marketing presentation with the 4C marketing model. The four concepts of the 4C marketing model are customer, cost, convenience, and communication.

The use of marketing slides for PowerPoint presentations may be the choice of marketing professionals. However, the common ppt designs fit any topic because of the widely used formats in PowerPoint presentations. For example, the 4C marketing PowerPoint template contains brilliant compositions such as a timeline template, banner presentation models, bullet point ppt, process PowerPoint, and checklist PowerPoint. Therefore, create an inspiring ppt presentation not only for market strategy presentation but also for presenting modern marketing features.

8. Inbound marketing agency PowerPoint deck



Suppose you want to highlight key concepts of digital marketing plans, this inbound marketing strategy PowerPoint template help to produce a world-class marketing PowerPoint presentation. Our inbound marketing agency PowerPoint deck is a collection of the 20 best marketing slide designs with specific reference to company introduction designs. Inbound marketing is a digital marketing technique for attracting customers to products/services through content marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing and branding.

The marketing PPT templates are filled with pale pink and champagne pink through the presentation pitch deck. Besides, the template is rich in animated ppt characters that give a unique look. Further, the business PowerPoint designs comprise different themes and PowerPoint features such as dart board ppt, world map ppt with GPS, report PowerPoint column, circle PowerPoint designs, and so on. So, download inbound marketing PowerPoint and pass valuable ideas to your clients.

9. Digital marketing templates



Digital marketing PowerPoint template featuring a colorful and concrete design. This marketing ppt template will make you fall in love at first sight. This is a huge collection of marketing PowerPoint templates added with 35 slides for digital marketing presentations. Many people need such huge ppt collections to make a long-lasting business presentation. You can insert your digital marketing plans and strategies and create a stunning display of online marketing trends. Some of the slides contained in the marketing PowerPoint deck are Introduction slide, Content marketing cycle ppt, Digital marketing budget ppt, Digital marketing plan PowerPoint Comparison slides, Chart PowerPoint template, Mockup slides, Pricing table ppt and so on.

The entire theme of digital marketing templates will be an inspiration for new and fresh candidates joined in your digital marketing team. In addition, you can make a compelling presentation using the digital marketing presentation slides.

10. RACE digital marketing planning PowerPoint template



Are you looking for a tutorial template for a digital marketing PowerPoint presentation? Please don’t be upset; we have several marketing PowerPoint slides focusing on the latest marketing concepts. The RACE digital marketing planning PowerPoint template is one of them. In addition, the pre-designed marketing template offers new methodologies for digital marketing such as Reach, Act. Convert and Engage (RACE).

The RACE digital marketing plan PowerPoint template is created as a funnel diagram to fit for teaching lead generation tactics as well. Turning visitors into loyal customers is one of the difficult tasks that every digital marketer confronts. RACE marketing plan ppt is a blue-themed color PowerPoint. You can change the color, and features with a few clicks. Download marketing templates for PowerPoint presentations and gets extra mileage for your team and company.

11. Marketing process PowerPoint template



Minimal timeline templates are popular presentation designs since they have a common design for PowerPoint presentations. Apart from the business presentations, timeline ppt designs are necessary for education presentations as well. This Marketing process PowerPoint template is a simple timeline design imprinted with concepts of marketing. these concepts are research, plan, implement, measure and optimize. Either this may be a general concept, or it has still relevant in optimizations of product/service.

The marketing process PowerPoint template allows alterations without losing the image quality and resolutions. Further, the template has enough areas to place your texts and replacement of PowerPoint icons that are inserted in hexagon PowerPoint designs on the top of the timeline template. Get ready for a marketing PowerPoint presentation using simple PowerPoint illustrations.

12. Digital marketing PPT template



Surfing the internet for a presentation layout that satisfies the latest design needs? Look no further than the digital marketing ppt template. It includes all newly featured marketing PowerPoint templates for internet marketing. if you are a digital marketing professional who is leading the team from the front, you need brilliant PowerPoint marketing slides for your marketing campaigns.

The digital marketing template for PowerPoint contains a company introduction slide, timeline templates, a semi-circle PowerPoint, a social media PowerPoint icons template etc. Like other marketing templates, the digital marketing presentation slide is designed with attractive PowerPoint background color schemes that ensure a quality PowerPoint presentation.

13. Marketing radar chart for PowerPoint



This is a clockwise PowerPoint presentation circle template that shows the distinct elements of a process. The radar chart designs are also known as spider chart web charts. Polar chart etc., the single color presentation template is created with a green color gradient effect. The circle’s division allows users to split their concepts into six elements and display the relationship using the spotted circle ppt template on the inner layers.

The network diagram of marketing PowerPoint slide is best for delineating six elements of digital marketing strategies. It is coming with light and dark black ground color. The entire layout may be a complex tool because it allows multiple texts on the inner and outer areas of the marketing PowerPoint template. As a result, the presenters can add various presentations such as historical cycles, the solar system, and the mind mapping model.

14. SOSTAC marketing model PowerPoint template



Don’t your marketing ideas reach to audience’s mind? No need to mess up your mind thinking about it. Pre-made PowerPoint marketing slides will come to help you. For example, the SOSTAC marketing model PowerPoint template is a circle illustrating the six concepts for marketing campaigns. The circular PowerPoint template will ensure the topic will transmit to the viewers through attractive and nice designs.

SOSTAC is a marketing concept. The acronym stands for Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action, and Control. However, as a versatile tool, the circle PowerPoint can be put to use for a variety of purposes making changes to the default theme. This is truly and value-standing pack for marketing plan PowerPoint presentations.

15. 4 P’s of marketing mix template



Are you looking for 4 p’s of marketing mix template? We got you covered. Our research team always looks for presentation topics relevant to the current business scenario. So, we have both 4 p’s of marketing mix template and 7 p’s of marketing mix PowerPoint template. Further, we have many other marketing theory presentation templates as well. So, you can use our marketing template ppt category or type your requirement on the search box.

4 p’s of marketing mix PowerPoint template is marketing plan PPT template that will aid learn effective product offering by applying four p’s of marketing. 4 p’s denotes price, product, promotion and place. Using a marketing mix is a brilliant way to improve the selling of a product/service. As a generic design for marketing presentation, it allows any expression.

16. Marketing 7 C Compass PowerPoint model



If the previous template focused on a product-based market, this 7-c compass marketing template emphasizes customer-centric marketing strategies. Modern marketing theories are important to customer satisfaction and seeking a way to get customer approval. 7 c’s stands for Corporation, Commodity, Cost, Channel, Communication, Consumer, and Circumstance.

PowerPoint marketing slides should be handy for users and easy to learn design for viewers. The compass PowerPoint diagram looks attractive while giving a complex presentation about marketing. However, a specific chart for the 7 C marketing presentation may not consume other topics. If you can add a different case in the same format, you can do it, or if you are a design pro, you can alter the designs for another presentation.

17. Marketing mix PPT templates for presentations



A marketing mix PowerPoint template is the best example for mixing topics in a single presentation deck. The all-in-one ppt design allows you to give 4 PS, 5 PS, 6 PS, and 7 PS marketing mix presentations in a row. In addition, the circular PowerPoint diagram has divided sections to insert your topics elegantly. Besides, the text zones are created with plenty of places to insert texts and editable ppt icons.

The marketing PowerPoint presentation slides are a nice choice for a marketing plan presentation. However, PowerPoint users need a multipurpose template because it may be worth the next presentation without spending on a new one. So, most designs have double value, so don’t be reluctant to add multipurpose marketing slides.

18. STP marketing mix PowerPoint template



Do you think about how to attract customers to your product/service? STP marketing mix is about segmenting, targeting, and positioning as a medium for deciding the exact marketing strategy to attract the target audience into your business. This is a matrix PowerPoint template for marketing presentations designed for marketing campaigns, lectures, workshops, and seminars. The STP marketing mix ppt arranges the stages in chronology to make an easily understandable presentation.

The marketing PowerPoint slides include shapes such as square matrix, rectangle ppt, parallelogram designs, origami, and timeline PowerPoint designs. Each template is filled with a minimum tri-color combination that will arouse the audience’s senses, and they will be on their mind. Besides, the tri-color combination PowerPoint looks more attractive in its black background ppt theme. So, download marketing PowerPoint templates and pull the viewers into your deck.

19. Marketing process infographic PowerPoint template



Achieve your marketing goals with gently designed marketing PowerPoint templates. The marketing process is an umbrella concept that is generally used to denote marketing activities and procedures to follow achieving goals. The marketing process infographic is a simple ppt marketing design with a megaphone and a circle PowerPoint slide. It is filled with fully editable vector designs, attractive visual graphics, and specific text zones.

As digital marketing occupies a prominent place in marketing, we can move with the digital marketing presentation with this marketing infographic slide. It illustrates the web-marketing ideas with default captions such as email marketing, canvassing, social media marketing and referrals. These points are the basic suggestions for digital marketing concepts. In addition, the marketing process PowerPoint template is perfect for detailing an in-depth study of business process development.

20. Lead generation marketing process funnel PowerPoint template



If a design perfectly passes your message, it will treat as a crown of all PowerPoint templates. For example, the lead generation funnel PowerPoint template is designed with a clear message that points to how the conversion happens. Likewise, the funnel Keynote presentation is designed with engaging vectors tones and visual graphical features, get ready to pass your information with maximum participation from the audience.

The lead generation funnel diagram is a pure marketing presentation slide that will show the end-to-end marketing process through the sales pipeline. It is the best slide for picturing how a stranger becomes the most valuable customer of your company by giving referrals. If you are ready to travel with SlideBazaar, you will get the best marketing PPT templates for PowerPoint presentations.

21. Contenting marketing matrix PowerPoint template



Do you want to teach content marketing strategies by a PowerPoint design? Come to our wide range of PowerPoint collections and download your preferred choice. We have many digital marketing PowerPoint templates that are created in different structures and PowerPoint shapes. The content marketing PowerPoint template is a matrix ppt design crafted for both generic and specific needs.

The content marketing matrix PowerPoint template looks like a blackboard with a distinct column design. It is also available in white PowerPoint background color. Besides, the marketing ppt presentation is comprised of contenting marketing icons and a blank PowerPoint board. So, check out this premium template that impresses your audience with the marketing PowerPoint features.

22. Risk management template for PowerPoint



Let’s begin with a simple image slide for a risk management presentation. The well-placed square PowerPoint marketing template rolls out your risk management analysis as a marketing concept. The risk management template for PowerPoint is a generic diagram that contains eight tile square ppt designs to place components of risk management in an easy-to-understand manner.

The presenters can provide a snippet about marketing risks. That’s why the template is created as a marketing PowerPoint template with conceptual schemes of risk management in marketing. You can dop your PowerPoint metaphors on the slide or replace the topics using PowerPoint edit options.

23. Marketing communication mix PowerPoint Template



The five-section PowerPoint for marketing communication mix presentation is a speedometer design ppt with marketing promotion concepts. Without proper communication, your product/service never reaches the cognitive realm of common folk. So, marketing needs strategies to promote products/services. This promotional mix PowerPoint lets your descriptions easily be seen by the viewer with an influencing note.

The semicircle speedo meter diagram has two background color mixes. While the spotted circled designs on the upper layer have been filled with five colors. If you feel that the color mixing is not helping as the designer thinks, you can refill with your choices. Besides, the needle of the speedo meter template could be placed nearby the most important topic you want to underline. The marketing ppt templates for PowerPoint add images to the centre hub.

24. 7 P’s marketing mix PowerPoint template



Next, we have a clean, modern marketing mix ppt template ideal for corporate marketing presentations. At the beginning of the blog, you might be seen 4 p’s marketing mix PowerPoint, and here, you can download the expanded 7 p’s of marketing presentation template. For a more elaborate approach, a 7 p’s marketing mix is implemented in marketing. The initial four elements are the product, pricing, place and promotion. In the 7P’S marketing mix, there are three new features recently discovered: people, packing and positioning.

The 7 p’s marketing PowerPoint template is a circle diagram template that seems like a jigsaw design. Each divided structure has excellent color mixing that ensures easy extraction of the presentation topic. The common ppt template of circle design is fit for multiple PowerPoint presentations.

25. Email marketing PowerPoint presentation template and Keynote



If you are looking for digital marketing slides separate, email marketing PowerPoint would be the right choice. This presentation template features a specific design with an e-letter that is best for taking classes on email marketing strategies. In addition, marketing PowerPoint slides are redefined in the new marketing contexts. So, SlideBazaar is dedicated to providing contemporary, relevant slides and animated PowerPoint designs as the market adopts changes.

Email marketing PowerPoint template is a professionally designed slide layout with the latest arts and aesthetic value. The high-definition vector PowerPoint design is created with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Moreover, each item on the design is completely open to modifications.

26. Demand generation process PowerPoint template



If you are a marketing expert or a teacher specializing in marketing, you need tutorial PowerPoint templates. The demand generation process PowerPoint is such a design that displays how a business could generate demands for their products/services. Demand generation is a push marketing method to attract new prospects. Marketing PowerPoint templates are business presentation slides most users search for and demand the latest PowerPoint designs on such topics.

The demand generation slide for marketing PowerPoint presentations is a handy ready-made template featuring eye-catching timeline and circle PowerPoint designs with comparison flowchart templates. This pure marketing slide is created for utmost audience attention from start to the end.

27. Free marketing agency deck



A free marketing agency deck is a complete marketing ppt deck containing multipurpose PowerPoint themes with self-explanatory designs. You do not need to make a detailed presentation if you have a self-explanatory PowerPoint. This free marketing PowerPoint template will give you everything you need to make a stunning presentation. This greenery layout is added from PowerPoint graphs to thankyou ppt presentation templates.

Normally people think free PowerPoint templates might not have quality as premium PowerPoint designs. But we would like to remind you that our free marketing PowerPoint presentation slides are as good as our premium PowerPoint slides.

28. Free real estate PowerPoint template



Sometimes you need many templates to market your real estate business. We have different designs of PowerPoint marketing designs that are specifically created to introduce your real estate business. This is a free PowerPoint for real estate businesses to precisely familiarize their real estate ventures. In addition, you should make a company profile PowerPoint presentation as your business needs new partners. At this juncture, a real estate marketing slide will help let others know about your company.

Use the marketing PowerPoint pitch decks and gently feel the breeze in the presentation hall.