How to Add Icons Using SlideBazaar Addin


In this section, we’ll take a look at how to add icons using SlideBazaar add-in for PowerPoint. The add-in gives you access to a massive in-built icon library, and you can search for and add icons directly to your presentations at the click of a button. 

Getting started 

To get started with adding icons to your presentation, click on Icons in the Objects category in the ribbon. You can also click on the Icons button in the Format Tools sidebar on the right. 

Button to add icons to your PowerPoint presentations in SlideBazaar's PowerPoint plugin

This will open a dialog box where you can search for and add icons to your slides. 

Icon library in SlideBazaar's PowerPoint add-in

Use the search bar on top to search for any icon, and use the filters on the left to select categories your icon belongs to. You can even select the style of the icon you want. 

Once you find icons that you want to add to your slide, hover your mouse over them, and you can either download them into the slide or add them to favorites. 


Adding icons to your slides using the SlideBazaar PowerPoint add-in is straightforward. If you run into any issues, feel free to contact our support team here.