SlideBazaar’s PowerPoint add-in is designed to improve your PowerPoint workflow. The add-in gives you access to a massive library of presentation templates, slide themes, charts, graphs, and other useful elements, which you can add into your slides with just a click. The add-in also comes with powerful formatting tools that make creating custom slides a breeze. You can even save your custom designs to use them again later. It’s simple to use and with a little effort, you’ll be able to create presentations much faster than ever before.


The add-in is currently compatible on Windows 10 and 11, on Office 365.

Installation and setup

To install the add-in, check out the following steps:

Download the plugin from here.

Install the downloaded file.

Open PowerPoint (or restart it).

Click on the SlideBazaar button in the ribbon menu.

Login using your SlideBazaar credentials.

Using the add-in

After installing the add-in, open PowerPoint and you will see the add-in appear in the ribbon section. You need to log in using your SlideBazaar account to start using the add-in.

User interface overview

Click on SlideBazaar in your ribbon to access the add-in.

SlideBazaar button in the ribbon menu of PowerPoint

You can see different options available, sorted as Library, Objects, Replicator, Insert, Tools, Account, and More.

Basic functionality

The basic functionality of the SlideBazaar add-in is as simple as it gets.

Let’s look at an example.

If you want to add a presentation template to your slide, first create a new slide (CTRL + M).

Then click on Templates in the Library section.

This opens a dialogue box:

You can search for the template you need and use the options on the left to filter the results.

Once you’ve found the template you need, simply click on it to add it to the slide.

That’s it, you now have the template loaded and ready to be edited.

Tips and best practices

Be sure to use the add-in’s built-in feature to save custom slides to reuse them again.

To do this, right click the slide on the left sidebar and click on Save to My Slides.

These slides can be accessed later by clicking on My Slides in the ribbon.