• weekly update template

The weekly update powerpoint template is a report presentation design created with table chart ppt layouts. The project team members can make weekly updates on different streams, such as marketing, sales, design, HR, etc. it is a simple proforma for detailed project reports in a summary slide. It is the document for a snapshot of your project performance and status with a graphically appealing table powerpoint chart. Besides, project managers and high-level officials can identify the work performance, strengths, and weaknesses, dedication of an employee. Similarly, project managers can identify the people who need training and improvement based on the weekly updated ppt template. The simple and flexible layout of the weekly report template enables multiple presentations that need columns and table charts.

The report powerpoint presentation is a creative template for the weekly meeting. This progress report template has many columns, rows, and table layouts. It's like a matrix chart with different sections that help display tasks completed. For example, the first matrix slide has four report presentation columns and one column about an employee who was assigned. The quadrant matrix shows the columns named task completed, tasks pending, tasks to begin next week, and self-assessment comments in a bullet list. Besides, the bar on top of the template details the employee's name, department, and date. This is the perfect model of weekly update powerpoint for project team members.

The bars and column powerpoint charts will enable perfect reporting of your weekly update. The powerpoint contains eight slides in 4 variant designs. Each design has been created to report your work status within the range of work schedules. It includes content designs such as task status, activities completed this week, activities in progress, what worked best this week, action steps for next week, and many questions related to an ideal work report. Each column and box have been colored; differently. Some have infographic metaphors, while others have grid views as legends. Download the best weekly update PowerPoint now!