• story arc example

The graphical image of the story arc template illustrates the way of story development in seven consecutive elements. Story arc or narrative arc or plot arc is the term for the solid growth of a story with the beginning, body (middle), and end of the story. The PowerPoint arc diagram shows how the narrative structure shapes as a wave-like hill. This style of the pathway can be seen in ancient Greek writing and Shakespeare’s five-act plays. The story arc template comprises subplots apart from the main plot and the beginning, middle, and end. For example, there would be the main plot and subplots in movies. When your superhero struggles to win over the significant Villains, the cinema may be telling about his love and compassion towards the people by the subplot entrance; by this subplot, you know your superhero's capacities.

The arc diagram formed on the XY axis precisely shows the way of the story narration. You can see seven critical elements on the narrative arch: Set-Up, Inciting Incident, Rising Action, Climax, Success or Failure, Falling Action, and Resolution. This is the chronology of a story that should follow for the success of the narration. The story arc is widely used in movies, novels, and cartoon serials to engage viewers with melodrama. Often at times, some plots may start with a climax and rearrange the pattern from end to beginning. However, this type of narration also follows the same principle of story arch with a different eye.

The story arch template for the PowerPoint presentation contains eight slides in four designs. In some way, it looks like a pyramid ppt template. So, you can use the story arc template for multiple presentations aiming for hierarchical displays. Besides, the rise and fall of inflation, credit availability, or a pandemic wave could be perfectly exhibited with the narrative arc PowerPoint template. To engage your audience, you can decorate a PowerPoint template with logos or symbolic ppt icons. Also, try out our cinema timeline template to create stunning presentations.