• Scamper Technique PowerPoint Template

Scamper Technique PowerPoint Template

SCAMPER technique is an action of manipulating ideas in skillful manner. It is shaped by Bob Eberle in the 70’s but the significance of this technique is still continued. This scamper technique PowerPoint template & keynote gives accurate guidance to generate new and diverse ideas. This PowerPoint will provoke to gather ideas from divergent field and utilize these ideas in to your requirements. Organization and business, experiencing lot of problems and challenges from different directions, tasks and stages, to overcome these situations one should develop innovative techniques which will adaptable with business or organizational mode. Product manufacturing and selling may face too many problems, in the absence of new ideas or concepts it is very difficult to overcome these situations in this highly competitive world. Scamper technique PowerPoint template is an ideal tool to present newly created ideas to the listeners. This diagram delineates the seven techniques to improve the business growth.

To use scamper technique first detects the problem you would like to solve and then make the idea you would like to create. This scamper technique slide can be used to discuss purpose analysis and the inference; threat in personal life or business, product, service or process what you want to improve. SCAMPER is an acronym for: Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Magnify or Modify, Put it to some other use, Eliminate, Reverse or Rearrange. On basis of the phrase that everything new is a modification of something that already exists. The term scamper can be applied as impetuses to make QUESTIONS and THOUGHTS about the problematic area:

Substitute; What can you substitute? What can be used as an alternative to product? Other process, other raw materials etc.

Combine; Combine units? Combine concepts? How about a blend? Combine purposes? How can I joint two or more parts of my product to realize a different product?

Adapt; What can you adapt as a solution? What could I copy? How can I get? Could I change the history of a product or service?

Modify; What can I adjust or put more or less emphasis on in my product, service or process? Can I amend the product or service, and its meaning, color, shape etc.?

Put to another use; How can I put the thing to other uses? What are the advanced ways to use product or service? Is there another market for the product?

Eliminate; What can I remove from my product or service? Reduce or minimize my cost and concept?

Rearrange or Reverse; Can I exchange elements, design or product?

The scamper method helps you to generate idea for new product and services by motivation, ask seven different questions. This circular powerpoint template is useful to present your innovative ideas and give answer to questions related to your individual or business life, and suggest improvement techniques to your listeners.

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