• rowing different directions


Symbolically illustrate opposing concept presentations using the ROWING DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS CONCEPT presentation slide. The clipart metaphor of rowing image is a self-explanatory image representing contrasting ideologies or visions of individuals even if they are part of the same team. Ideological conflicts in a group might be common in most of the team or groups. However, if the team wants to achieve its goals and objectives such conflict should be evaded. Using the creative PowerPoint template, presenters can make the presentation that regarding the topic of “conflict resolution”. The slide theme presents three slides of rowers, steering boats towards different direction. Professional rowers sitting on opposite direction has symbolizes the extreme differences in their viewpoint and perceptive.

This conflict resolution PowerPoint slide is ideal for project managers or high-level professionals to create a discussion about the importance of team unity for achieving project tasks. Further, the images of men and women enables the presentation on gender difference, and it will also suit to present the family problems originated from communication gaps. So, counseling psychologists and religious preachers or priests can use the diagram to showcasing post-marital problems and its solutions. However, the image of the template is more compatible for the problem-solving presentation that is arising out of the human beings itself. The rowing different directions Illustration PowerPoint has 3 slides that are ideal for creating three different themes. For example, the slide of two women is representing the importance of women’s participation for nation development programs but should have a consensus between each other.

The rowing different direction Illustration template is opposing to the teamwork concept while it metaphorically illustrates the significance of teamwork for a business success. Hence, the metaphor of rowing in different directions could help resolve management and leadership issues with interesting visuals in PowerPoint. This is creative visual feast for the audience, which never boring even restless participant. Download metaphor PowerPoint templates that may suited to your presentation themes.

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