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The presentation outline template is a common ppt design for presenting steps and stages. You can create up to 6 step presentation using the outline ppt diagram. The first template has four sections designed as a timeline template for chronology presentation. It has decorated with PowerPoint cions such as a bulb worksheet, lens, and a painting canvas. You can insert your topics on the surface of the square ppt designs in a linear arrangement to enable the audience to learn the issues continually. The timeline presentation outline template has four colors that are yellowish-green, blue, green, and greyed-green. It has text placeholders on the upper right extreme as well.

The second slide of the presentation outline template is a poster presentation design template with five sections to explain the contents. It has numbers that enable the viewer to extract contents from the flat yet protruding slide designs in a sequence. Each cell has a protruding effect from its background that makes the diagram attractive. The heading and content creation zones are separated from the tinted black background design. You can insert your topics on the white background board and the heading on the black PowerPoint background.

The third slide is named a PowerPoint outline template with six boxes to insert your topics in a straightforward layout. The color mixes are the major attraction of the diagram; they created gradient effects in the blue and red scattered color theme. The heading presentation area is colored with the dark blue tint combination, while detailed zones are colored as the red background ppt theme. This is a nice and clean PowerPoint outline for presenting your subject in the six boxes.

The fourth slide of the presentation outline template is a numbered diagram paved as a vertical sequence of two sections. The colored numbers and the text zones are created attractive on the black background PowerPoint color scheme. Apart from poster presentation, the template is ideal for comparing features of products and services. So, you can use the presentation template as a comparison PowerPoint. Overall, all the design looks simple and attractive to outline for the presentation template. Slidebazaar has a huge collection of agenda slides.