• benefits of poka yoke

Poka-yoke presentation template shows error prevention methodologies. This business PowerPoint deck contains 12 slides that show mistake-proofing.

What is Poka-Yoke?

Poka-yoke is a Japanese term for preventing defects in manufactured products. The word "poke" means error or defect, and "yoke" implies prevention. The technique involves using simple devices or procedures that make it impossible for an error to occur undetected. Poka-yoke devices are often based on feedback control theory, which relies on sensing errors and automatically correcting them. Many poka-yoke devices are used in automated factories, where human intervention is impractical. Common poka-yoke devices include limit switches, sensors, light curtains, and air jets. The timeline ppt designs in the poka-yoke template are perfect for showing your mistake-proofing methodologies. With the methods of electric devices, you can show confusion to clarity.

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