• Meeting Minutes PowerPoint Template
  • Meeting Minutes PowerPoint Templates

Meeting Minutes PowerPoint Template presentation is a meeting minute format in PowerPoint. This is a data presentation table with lines, rows, and columns. Meeting minutes are an official summary of brainstorming sessions conducted in an organization. It is a useful future reference and signing of contracts. This official record contains decisions, resolutions, protocols, notes, and instant documents of discussions. This Meeting minutes ppt presentation contains two slides of duplicate formats. It also helps those who could not attend a meeting to gather decisions and discussions. It helps demonstrate decisions made over each agenda item with the table ppt layout. The editable slide can show online what important conversations happened in a team meeting.

The Meeting Minutes Template for PowerPoint presentation is a One Pager document in PowerPoint with two background landscapes. This document model ppt highlights the key issues discussed in the meeting. In addition, it indicates the time, date, and setting of the meeting. Users can benefit from this ready-made template by putting edited texts in the placeholders. This is also a substitute for common agenda PowerPoint slides since you can jot down the meeting agenda list in the template. Besides, this table diagram format is suitable for project status presentation if you make customization of its features.

Meeting Minutes Slide PowerPoint contains a heading on the top of the layout and agenda, time, and duration of the meeting on the lefthand side column. This box column is a table data chart with separate rows to put agenda items, time, and duration for each session. Further, the column is separately marked by green, yellow, and red combinations. On the right-hand side, the topic of discussion could enter with notes and resolutions. This section also has separate box ppt columns that make Meeting Minutes PowerPoint presentation perfect. Users can add the company logo or other clipart metaphors if needed.