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Download free music background template for PowerPoint presentation

The free music background PowerPoint template is a collection of flat diagrams with music note symbols. This is a creative design for music educators, event organizers, artists, or business professionals to give a captivating note under music background PowerPoint-themes free. The presenters can use it to showcase concert details, music lessons industry insights, business reports, or any content that requires a touch of musical flair.

How do you put background music on PowerPoint?

To add background music to your PowerPoint, keep these points in mind. First, go to the Insert tab and select Audio. Then choose a music file on your PC to upload music. Once inserted, click on the audio icon to access the Playback tab. Then, set the audience options to Play in Background and adjust the volume and playback options.

The free musical background slides have many color choices including yellow, green, blue, and a green-and-yellow mix. These have watermark music symbols as well as highlighted music notes. It can be used as a cover slide, title slide, or a thank you presentation template as well. You can use customizable features to add a personal touch to your presentations. Download free music background template for PowerPoint presentation. Also, check out our free PowerPoint slides.