• Demand Generation PowerPoint Template
  • Demand Generation PPT Template

The demand Generation PowerPoint Template presents two slides for a different sales and marketing conceptual model. Demand generation differs from lead generation; it is based on a push marketing method to create a need for products/services. The funnel diagram template for demand generation presentation features making demands through technology. This funnel PowerPoint shows the buyer’s journey touchpoints from a stranger to a loyal customer. This four-step funnel template for PowerPoint help shows the stages customer journey through a demand funnel. These three layers of the diagram explicitly demonstrate the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel. The last layer in the funnel PPT shows the conversion to the customer.

The PowerPoint diagram for demand generation presentation is helpful during strategy meetings and tracking the progress of a process. Each customer journey stage addresses the challenges through the demand funnel diagram. Each funnel layer has been colored red on the top, yellow in the middle, green on the bottom, and blue on the last layer. The users can use this funnel template PowerPoint to depict the digital marketing process for demand generation. It is suitable for an internal planning meeting. The two-slide template looks attractive on the black and white PPT background. Alternatively, business professionals can download other funnel templates and slide designs for business presentations with multiple steps and styles.