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Control Tower Slide is a metaphor presentation for a cloud-based solution that acts as a data collection and distribution center. A control tower concept will provide improved visibility between trade partners, including businesses and modes of transportation. Flight and traffic control towers are a few examples of different types of control towers. Normally, the control tower denotes to control and tracking of deliveries. So, in supply chain management, the concept of control is important. This control tower ppt provides a clear picture of the process diagram and how supply occurs in a flow. The presenters can use the tower slide to illustrate the supply chain in supply chain management, a control tower combining people, data, processes, technology, and organization. This attractive control tower slide can be useful for logistic-based companies to explain production management, storage, and supply.

The control tower powerpoint template enables the user to highlight ideas about networking and related activities. It is created with high-quality vector graphics with customizable options. In addition, the users can add key technology capabilities for the supply chain, such as continuous intelligence, advanced analytics, impact analysis, scenario modeling, collaborative response, and Artificial intelligence.

The control tower diagram for powerpoint has three designs in six slides. The first slide is four step presentation diagram that created a focus lighthouse design. The flashing light shadowed down four text columns. Each text area is built with modern ppt infographics. The second slide illustrates a different control tower with eight-element presentation zones. The light shadows spread on both sides to focus on detail text zones. It also has eight infographic metaphors to describe your topic. The third slide is a complex model arch diagram it enables multiple elements all over the board. The semicircle powerpoint is created with light and dark blue shades where you can insert three key elements in the center and their explanations in the great arch design. Use control tower slide for SCM presentation.