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Connect the dots slides are concept maps that ideally visualize the idea generation process. This mind map powerpoint is a simple cluster diagram because all sub-elements are spurting out from a central hub. This is the typical visual explanation of mind mapping. The template helps present a clear, organized structure for brainstorming discussions. This network diagram enables you to think, collect knowledge, remember, and build ideas. The central theme of brainstorming is placed in the hub—your discussions surrounding the center concept. The small connected circles allow you to place subcategories branching out from the central concept. That means the main idea, either in the center or on the top, has multiple connecting nodes. The mind map will have multiple sections if the subcategory has new idea formation categories.

Connecting the dot template supports your problem-solving presentation by illustrating solutions for a single problem. So, the network template has multiple users apart from the mind-mapping display. This is a non—linear template spreading around the central concept. It allows board view of the concepts and their sub-elements in a detailed look. So, presenters from different industries and fields can use the powerpoint tree diagram for brainstorming sessions. The center circle is the energy source wherein you can fill your topic of interest.

The two-slide background presentation template connecting the dot diagram allows you to display six elements with texts on either side. The main central circle ppt combines with small loop designs regarding the main idea. Thin greyed lines demonstrate each connection. Besides, circle spots are decorated with meaningful infographic icons. For example, the rocket design represents product launches, and the bulb infographic symbolizes idea generation.

Further, edit options let you create special effects by adding something you need. Moreover, you can change the color combinations as well. Download alternative mind map templates now!