• By The Numbers Slide

By the numbers slide is a numeric infographic in a timeline sequence. The users can copy this numbers list and insert it with other PowerPoint collections. If you want step-by-step presentation numbers ppt side will accurately highlight each topic with prioritization. So, by the numbers infographic is the best presentation slide for prioritizing tasks, agendas, content and to-do lists. It includes 4-step presentation templates to 8-step diagrams. Each diagram is created as a timeline flat template with an eye-catching PowerPoint color combination. It is not a rare piece of creation, but it is worth a simple presentation. Both educational and business ppt presentations are transmitted with this by the numbers slide.

This is the ordered infographic with relevant display information with the help of by the numbers slide. The common design and the popular layout structure allow any knowledge transmission without causing a bit of confusion for viewers. The presentation topic can vary from medical, agriculture, financial or any subject matter with 8 points. The users can perk up the audience's enthusiasm and interest to learn and study seriously. It is worth displaying an executive summary or business plan in a logical sequence. If you are telling a story in series or step-by-step format audience will listen to your speech with maximum concentration. So, the flow diagram numbered list is ideal for any topic under the sky.

By the numbers infographic template comes with two background color combinations, dark and light. The 4-section box slide will convey four topics with a central theme on the top. Each box is colored by think lines and has numbers at the start. Similarly, the 5-stage timeline PowerPoint template is arranged in a priority presentation in a sequential flow. Next to the timeline template is a modified bullet point ppt that gives a refined look to the topic with tinted color callout sections. The seven presentation boxes slide is paved as an up and down square list that fit giving topics in a logical relationship. And finally, the 8-stage timeline diagram shows numbers on the top of the square box and each number is colored with a similar color tone as same as the box constructed. Use can use this numbers diagram for a Business agenda PowerPoint presentation.