• As Is To Be PowerPoint Template
  • As Is To Be Ppt Template

The As Is To Be PowerPoint template is a comparison slide used for process mapping, illustrating a business's current and future states. The "as-is" state represents the current operational state of a process before any changes or enhancements are implemented. Documenting and mapping both the as-is and to-be processes is crucial to carry out process improvement initiatives effectively. At the same time, the to-be process records what you want the process to look like. Or what your business or company want to be when implementing new process methodologies featuring future outcomes. This PowerPoint template looks like a comparison diagram that provides a clean and neat view of the as-is to be analyzed.

The As Is To Be Template for PowerPoint has been created with symbolic charts and ppt column illustrations. The symbolic chart shows As Is Phase and To Be Phase in an easily understood fashion by the picturization of a sapling and the tree. A watermark PowerPoint arrow shows the growth from "As Is" to "To Be" for easy understanding. The columns beneath this image also show the process mapping with examples of social media growth. The editable PowerPoint process template has black-and-white background options. Elevate your presentations to new heights with SlideBazaar's professional templates and custom design services.