End User License Agreement:

  1. Usage Terms for All Templates (Premium and Free):

Upon becoming a SlideBazaar member, the customer obtains the right to use our templates for his own purposes and needs.

Customers ARE allowed to:
  • You can use our templates for one or more presentations (personal or commercial presentations). You can use our templates for commercial presentations if you are the owner of the presentation.
  • You can customize our templates to match your own company’s visual identity.
  • As a SlideBazaar member, you obtain unrestricted access to edit, replicate, print, backup, copy, customize and use our products.
Customers ARE NOT allowed to:
  • Sell, Re-sell, Distribute, Re-distribute, Publish our templates or provide them for free, on any website, media device, or business, offline or online.
  • Transfer your rights to any individual or corporate entity.
  • Sell, distribute, sub-license, or transfer access to Software.
  • Use, display, incorporate or bundle the templates (in part or whole) in any product that results in the re-distribution/re-selling of our templates for profit or otherwise.
  • Use the content in any poster, banner, or printed media for resale, license, or other distribution.
  • Use the templates to compete with SlideBazaar in any way or format.
  1. For Free Templates:

Upon downloading any template, the user (YOU) obtains the license/rights to use the templates downloaded by you as per Usage Terms (refer to section 1), provided you provide proper attribution (refer to section 3) to SlideBazaar.

  1. Attribution Terms:
    1. You must credit the author i.e. SlideBazaar by keeping the slide where the credits appear.
    2. Once customized adequately for personal usage, if the user wishes to distribute these slides via email, IM, or other digital media, the user must attribute SlideBazaar by providing a hyperlink to the SlideBazaar homepage (slidebazaar.com) in the main content body.

If you have questions about our Terms of Use, please kindly Contact Us.