Best Startup Pitch Decks for PowerPoint – PPT Templates (2023)

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Best Startup Pitch Decks for PowerPoint – PPT Templates (2023)

Attracting investors to a startup would not be an easy task. However, suppose a venture capitalist shows interest in your business and is ready to invest in your startup by knowing about your company from other sources. How do you present your business model before an unfamiliar investor? Here, the importance of Best Startup Pitch Decks for PowerPoint will come to act. These pitch decks give a snippet of your company’s business model, business plan, strategy, and startup vision.

Startup Pitch Decks generally consists of 12- 22 slides in PowerPoint with captivating designs and business contents to showcase the company’s products/services, technology, SWOT analysis report and the overall market position to the investors. But, as we said earlier, raising funds from angel investors is not a cakewalk. It needs dedicated homework to create a top pitch deck that is added with all stories you want to communicate. So, our ready-made startup pitch deck PowerPoint templates will ease your job to tell a compelling story.

Before we move ahead, you may want to check out our PowerPoint templates that help you create stunning presentations in no time.

Let’s see the 20 best startup pitch decks for 2023. Here we go!

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template for Presentation

Pitch Deck templates for PowerPoint

This dark-themed pitch deck template is very popular among our readers. Like all the templates mentioned here, this one is also well-designed by professional presentation designers. They have been made for the sole purpose of helping you nail that pitch you have in mind. It comes with 36 different types of slides that you can use in your pitch meeting presentations.
The template follows a very simple color scheme that makes it look elegant and professional.

Company Profile Pitch Deck Template for PowerPoint

Company Profile Pitch Deck Template for PowerPoint

Another dark-themed pitch deck template for PowerPoint that you can customize with your content and images to make the perfect pitch presentation. This template may look a little simpler, but the design lets you pack a lot of information into your slides. The design elements help support your speech well and give clarity to the presentation. There are many types of slides included in this template that you might need in your pitch meetings.

Investment Pitch Deck Template for PowerPoint

Investment pitch deck template for PowerPoint

This is a very minimal-looking investment pitch deck template for PowerPoint. Check this template if you want your pitch presentations to look simple yet professional. The design elements in this template look low-key artistic, with fluid brushstrokes adorning the slides.
An investment pitch presentation made with this template will, no doubt, look different from the other presentations an investor might have seen, giving you an obvious edge. This can make the presentation highly engaging for the viewer and will definitely keep them interested in what you have to say. Download this template and create your pitch presentation today.

Pitch Deck Presentation Template

Pitch deck presentation template

This beautiful pitch deck template comes in a very pleasing blue color theme. It has well-designed graphics that help convey your ideas and messages clearly. This template looks modern, professional, and visually impressive. It will definitely give your pitch presentations an edge. Try it for yourself today!

Business review PowerPoint template

business review template


Use complete startup pitch deck A to Z presentation template to provide business information. This is the best startup pitch deck to give business models, future forecasts, sales reviews, agenda, business updates, vision and mission and all ingredients you want to convey. In addition, the template has graphs and charts to produce fiancé and sales updates. Apart from these general presentation slides, it has a competitive analysis diagram, debtors and creditors details, roadmap template, profit and loss account slide, and a funnel diagram ppt design.

Like other pitch deck ppt templates, you can make changes if you want to improve things. However, a professionally designed template doesn’t need alteration to its features. You only need to input your contents into the PowerPoint deck.

Business model canvas PowerPoint template



Are you searching for a PowerPoint pitch deck to map your startup plans and strategies? Then look no further than the canvas model worksheet ppt. The business model canvas template is a different pitch deck model because the box in the sheet enables you to create a precise business plan presentation before your investors. The canvas contains information on Key partners, activities, Value propositions, Key resources, customer relationships, customer segments etc.

A business model canvas pitch deck could be essential for startups and established businesses. Its easy-to-read layouts and attractive color mix will give a competitive edge in an investment presentation.

Gradient Presentation Template



The gradient presentation template is a company profile ppt design created with brilliant color effects and competitive design skills. The eye-catching yet easy-to-edit great pitch deck is tailored for your fundraising presentations. So, this is one of the best startup pitch decks having an intro slide, world map ppt, contact slide, team slide, mockup presentation, and chart infographics. Startup pitch deck PowerPoint should be competitive because the same investors are interested in different companies. If you can convince them about your latest business plans and models with your presentation slides, they may be interested in putting money into your business. So, selecting pitch deck presentation slides has a role in your fundraising.

The gradient PowerPoint template lets you quickly and easily create amazing business presentations. The color effects, features, and backgrounds will give a polished look to the exhibition. So, make an impactful business plan presentation with this simple startup pitch deck.

Cyber security PowerPoint template



Our famous startup pitch will be a great choice if you want a startup venture in cyber security. The 20 versatile slides of the IT startup presentation template are an ideal presentation deck to attract investors and provide information on your ideas and business strategies. The latest design trends and graphical elements are infused with this template. It has self-explanatory themes and designs that align with cyber security presentations.

The blackish yet stunning IT theme ppt presentation contains slides such as a company introduction slide, company mission PowerPoint, timeline template, line graph ppt showing market trends,   market analysis template, competitive advantage presentation slide, doughnut chart, and pie diagram ppt to display market size, bar chart ppt, and thank you ppt slide.

Professional business slide deck



Are you searching for a professional pitch deck template to showcase B2C and B2B business models in a single ppt platform? Then, get into our gallery and pick your choices. The professional PowerPoint design help a lot you need to do. The custom visual graphics and photo-themed designs ensure audience attention at the maximum. This will help the current strategy and plans you need to attract value investors. It gives information on business potential and attracts people by emphasizing the company’s key features.

The business ppt presentation is a recommended tool for all startups to articulate market expansion plans in detail along the SmartArt vector images. It is an editable startup PowerPoint pitch deck. So you can insert your pictures and company profiles to denote your business and plans.

Infographic space PowerPoint template



People use unique, great, and awesome to explain stunning designs and featured PowerPoint themes. But, most times, you feel exaggerated with these comments. But, while you see our infographic space PowerPoint template for startup presentation, you unintentionally sound like this.  This is a great startup pitch deck template for starting with a company introduction and the team behind the company. Space icons and mystical space themes created this fancy startup pitch deck.

Space infographic PowerPoint presentation enables the audience to stay on the topic. It will be a feast for the guests. All rights for customization are up to you. If you don’t want to edit and leave the design as same as the original, it will fuel extra mileages for your startup. Download unique slides and extraordinary layouts to provide amazing ppt presentations

Pitch deck PowerPoint template



The 30 legendary startup pitch deck is a gigantic PowerPoint design that consumes all components for business presentation in an attractive deck. The black and white PowerPoint will complement your corporate ideas for an impressive exhibition of the company profile. A professional pitch designer knows what the audience wants. Your investors will get an overall idea about your business models and expansion programs.

The pitch deck PowerPoint template never lets your audience bored. Sometimes, you don’t need to use all the templates since it has 30 ppt slides. You can pick the proper templates for your presentation and leave keep for presenting company introduction for other viewers. So, you can create more than one investment ppt presentation using the same pitch.

Zalya PowerPoint template



Zalya is a classic pitch deck presentation for startups. The all-in-one business presentation slide is fit to show the company profile in the simplest possible way. Presenting a normal demo day event is usual for company managers or CEOs. However, giving your company profile before an investor is a different task in face-to-face meetings. At this juncture, you need perfectly created simple pitch decks. So, this one. Zalya will make a difference.

The startup presentation PowerPoint slide deck format has enough space to add your texts and images. The ppt deck is set aside, combining data charts and graphical visuals according to your presentation topic and style. For example, you can remove the photographs and insert the company history, major achievements of your company, or features of products/services. Download startups’ pitch deck templates and attain funds from the capital ventures.

Company profile deck PowerPoint template



It would help if you had different images and layouts to attract your investors. For example, the company profile deck PowerPoint template is designed with high-definition visuals and graphical data charts—this is a typical investment presentation including all key features and business contents for a fundraising presentation. In addition, the versatile images and flat timeline templates will add more value to your explanation since it is derived from a professional designer.

The best startup pitch deck 2020 contains 22 slides for a compelling presentation with simple vector graphics. When you offer a great investment opportunity, the investor may think twice and put money into your business because of the simple flow of your business contents in the startup slide presentation. Startup investment plan presentations are frequently tuned with unfamiliar persons, so you need formal presentation company profile decks for your collection.



Your investment presentation needs realistic features and images to captivate capital investors. The business trends PowerPoint deck is a smart ppt design created with realistic background images to explain a trending business model. So, the designers added old real black and white photographs and SmartArt designs with a modern touch. The entire black-themed background PowerPoint looks attractive with the mixed color text themes and designs.

The success of a startup presentation depends on the display of the problem, solution and facts. Investors will question your strategies and plans regarding business development. So, it would be best to erase the doubts of sceptic-minded investors when they need to document risk overcoming measures that you will take. You can use the business trend PowerPoint to clear doubts. Take advantage of startup presentation decks to present your business data elegantly.

Cyber Monday PowerPoint template



Are you preparing for a detailed presentation on your new business models? Then, take a breath and prepare for a memorable presentation after downloading our Cyber Monday PowerPoint template. Though Cyber-Monday is a marketing term, it is also fit to present your company introduction and strategies for startup presentation. So, the multi-dimensional visual infographic will welcome your investors to listen to your business plans and growth with a statistical review of your current and future position.

Cyber Monday template is a great startup pitch deck with dark and background PowerPoint themes. The business ppt slide includes many shapes and figurative designs such as pyramid diagrams, matrix infographics, radial infographics, quote PowerPoint, sales offer templates, product detail metrics charts, ppt pie diagrams, Map infographics, and funnel diagram templates and other indispensable graphs and charts for a startup PowerPoint pitch. Download 36 best PowerPoint slides and invite your investors to listen to your new ventures.

Business slides carnival PowerPoint template



Utilize excellent visual arts and infographic shapes for your business startup presentation. The startup pitch deck template contains beautiful data illustrations for a business presentation. As the name suggests, this is a carnival PowerPoint business slide in every manner. The eye-catching color schemes would greatly impact your company profile presentation with visually appealing charts, diagrams, and timeline templates.

Best pitch deck templates should have all business functions, processes, product details, SWOT analysis, new ventures, plans, strategies, data charts, statistical reports and so on. The business slides carnival is an ideal presentation deck that lets customization with its featured texts and data. Download the pitch deck presentation and interact with your clients and investors.

Multipurpose pastel presentation templates



Soft-colored background PowerPoint themes make your presentation memorable and catchy. Generally, most people prefer light color schemes over a dark background. However, some are interested in dark colors as well. But light color shades are the general trends in fashion. Our multipurpose pastel presentation template is a pure business introduction slide suitable for existing and startups. In addition, the pitch deck ppt helps to transmit your message with straight points.

The latest PowerPoint design makes it easy to create a professional-looking presentation that aids in a long-lasting production. This is not an exceptional PowerPoint; however, it allows you to convey a message in an easy-to-understand fashion. Download multipurpose pitch decks and start engaging your viewers with your storytelling skills.

Paper tree PowerPoint template



There are many ways to present your business models. However, PowerPoint is the best presentation software because of the add-ons you make to attract your audience. The paper tree PowerPoint template is an excellent startup pitch deck. The handcraft designs and the modern layout will take your audience into a dreamy world of ecstasy. This creative art design business PowerPoint theme and content will make a lasting impression on the audience.

Our paper tree ppt startup presentation can be adapted to fit any presentation style or format. Try our paper tree Powerpoint and its grey greenly background themes and the paper cutting design of cloud, windmill, leaf,

and other images to hail investors participate in your discussion.

Travel Business PowerPoint Template



Are you looking for a travel business template to introduce your startup? Fix your problem by downloading our travel business ppt design. The template has interesting photographs and startup presentation themes to present your company and its business models. The business presentation slide is a set of attractive ppt designs that make your presentation catchy and outstanding. Exchange critical information through this startup PowerPoint pitch deck and grab insured inflows to your business.

We have several specifically created startup pitch decks for different business models. A travel business template is one among them. This incredible visual art allows travel companies to exhibit their profile and future. So, it is worth looking at if you are looking for capital ventures to invest in with your company. This is a template for you!

METCONNET presentation template



METCONNECT startup pitch deck for PowerPoint covers all essential slides for a business introduction presentation. This investor deck template is ideal for creating brilliant connotations for fundraising. For example, you can invite investors for online meetings and detail your business proposal with the assistance of a presentation pitch deck. Besides, your data could be statistically documented with the PowerPoint graphs, charts, columns and table ppt slides.

The startup pitch deck presentation slides will provide a fill-in-the-blank outline that can kick start your content with real data. Once you download a pre-design template, you can add your points across the template with a simple textual alteration with photographs and a company logo. Browse simple startup slides and gets you funded.

Matchday sports presentation template



Are you waiting for a template that focuses on sports? Then, come to the hub of great designers and get what you want. The sports presentation slide is an entertainment business presentation deck though it will fit for introducing your club, sports equipment, players, and other value creators of sports. Apart from business presentations, this is an entertainment deck presentation template, so it is useful for eminent football and basketball clubs to introduce new sign-ups.

The sports designs and supporting graphics seem to be attractive in their attire. You can introduce your company profile even if you are from a different area. Besides, it offers comparison slides, mockups, a world map and a pricing PowerPoint template that align with your startup presentation.

Home school PowerPoint template



Do you have a startup in the education sector? Then infuse your valuable information with engaging clipart and aesthetic visual designs. The Home school PowerPoint is the best startup pitch deck for online education providers and offline coaching centers. We want your audience to understand why this subject is and what are your special features. In addition, if you are looking for partners, you can use the template to illustrate your credentials, special syllabus, and curriculum.

The education PowerPoint template contains 30 slides of a startup pitch deck with different types of analytical tools. Don’t think of this as only for schools and educational institutions. It will be a great choice for every business professional, regardless of the business. Use the creative and classic diagrams and designs for your business startup presentation.

Free product design template



Finally, we are introducing a free PowerPoint presentation for startups. You can use the free product design template for investment presentation if you are an app developer or running an IT business.

This creative visual diagram will be a great choice to produce your app features on the quality end. Besides, the tone, graphics, color mixing combinations, and business presentation contents make this template suitable for computer-based business models. For example, suppose you are proficient in organizing business ventures. But might be confused about what to add and avoid for an investment presentation. Download our free PowerPoint startup pitch deck and erase your dilemma!