How to do Presentations with Storytelling

By Published On: May 21st, 2017Categories: Presentation Skils
How to do Presentations with Storytelling

When you are communicating information to a crowd it is important to keep your presentation interesting and consistent. Be it a one-on-one conversation, public speaking or during business presentation, giving a load of information will leave your audience feeling overwhelmed. Retaining the active attention needs great creativity.
Before you construct the presentation formulate a structure. Using the story telling technique is not new. But all stories aren’t successes. The complex mind of humans tends to travel its way imagining things where information isn’t to the point To make your speech effective, take your audience on a journey, leaving them feeling inspired and motivated.

Stories are easy to remember. As the story is being narrated, listeners tend to decode the information into images. These images are stored in your long term memory, where as words and numbers are stored in your short term memory.
Researchers have proven that people retain 60 to 70 percentage of information shared via stories versus only 5 to 10 percent of information conveyed through statistics.

Open with a bang

To open a strong presentation you need a strong first sentence. Start with a bang. Being descriptive is a great way to do it. A jarring statistic, an interesting fact or a funny anecdote is a great place to start.

Make it relatable

You may be using a personal anecdote, but keep it simple and relatable. Keep your core idea in the middle and explain it. Your personal story shows you in an honest, vulnerable light. People can easily identify with your imperfections and flaws making you more human and thus more connectable.

Be concise

Make sure your story is to the point. Don’t keep talking about unnecessary details. Make sure your final point is heard clearly and isn’t lost in a sea of information.

So next time try making your presentation using the storytelling technique to take your pitch from monotonous to magnificent.