Advantages of Using templates

By Published On: December 1st, 2018Categories: Presentation Skils, Presentation Tips
Advantages of Using templates

The advantages of templates can never be underestimated. Creativity is endless, and sometimes it has its boundaries. Sometimes a writer can work for days and years without stopping and sometimes the ‘writer’s block’ can cost him his whole life. Creativity comes from inspirations. Inspirations churn out your ideas, and you create a new art piece. But you cannot do it all the time. You are a human and not a machine. The same goes for the presentation templates. Everyone is suggesting every other presenter present something unique. Apart from the ideas and the content of the presentation, the designing of the presentation templates should be unique too. And it is quite impossible for a presenter to come up with a new idea every other week, right?

And that is where the advantage templates lies. People do not have enough time on their hand to scrap out different and unique ideas every other week. So they look for shortcuts. PowerPoint is one of the existing shortcuts, but it is an overused one. Once you use a PowerPoint default template on your presentation and everyone will know you have not put a single effort into designing the template designs. So, how to deal with it?

Types of Presentation Slide

But before jump into the topic of the increasing importance of presentation templates, we need to have a precise knowledge of the types of presentation template can exist. Roughly there are four types of presentation templates according to the types of presentation.

  1. Informative presentation templates – Informative presentation slides are the basic type of presentation templates, and they are mostly used in the case of research presentations. In short, informative presentation templates does not dwell well in case of any profit related presentations. They are mostly related to those presentations which are from the non-profit zone.
  2. Demonstrative presentation templates – These kinds of presentation templates is the one that shows any procedure from scratch. Generally, these kinds of templates answer the question of ‘how to make it or do it’ etc. These kinds of presentation templates are mostly being used in introductory classes.
  3. Persuasive presentation templates – These kinds of templates often try to represent an idea. An idea to change the way to look at any particular topic! These kinds of templates are mostly used in case of corporate sessions; be it a health session or a sales contribution.
  4. Inspirational presentation templates – Inspirational or the motivational presentation templates are designed to encourage the audience and to push them towards their goal. Mostly, all inter-organizational presentations and other many social presentations are of this kind.

The Reason Behind the Advantages of Templates

Not every sector of presentation is facing with such hike in demand for presentation templates, but some of the sectors are such as the corporate sectors. Where there is a pressure of impressing the audience and the presenter has his profit depending on the impression, the demand for unique presentation template is on the top. Thus, persuasive and informative presentation templates mostly see the rise of demand. The other two groups of presentation templates also face the demand, but it is nothing compared to the first two as mentioned above. However, there, we have listed the possible reasons behind such a hike in demand for the presentation templates nowadays. Let us have a look.

  1. Uniqueness has no boundaries– One of the reasons behind this hike is that uniqueness has no boundaries. After a while, people get bored of what they see every day. So, it is quite natural that they will ask for something new. And that something new can only be satisfied with a whole new unique product.
  2. The way of presentation has become an important part of every organization– With modernization; presentations have become a vital part of our lives too. Whether it is a social event or a corporate sales event, people always use presentation. Even some people use the presentation to impress their crush as well (pun intended!). Thus, we can say, people use presentation nowadays at every other turn of their lives. And as presentation templates are the major part of a presentation, it has a high demand in the market.
  3. Low supply of new templates– Mostly, people use PowerPoint to make their presentation. With the upgraded version, PowerPoint can only give you a particular set of templates which have to be used while you are presenting. But, with thousands of other people using the same template, the uniqueness of presentation is reducing. Thus, the demand can also be called a pseudo-demand because of the low supply of unique presentation templates. With slidebazaar, you can find a unique presentation template in a few clicks.
  4. Audience impression– And the main point in case of increasing presentation is– audience impression. In the case of every presentation, the subject audience impression plays the most important role. And the newer things an audience can experience, the more impressed they would be. Thus, it plays a dominant role in the case of increasing demand for presentation templates.
  5. Defining the subject– Everyday, lots of unique things happen in this world. Be it a natural or scientific invention, nothing is the same with every second passing. In the same way, the organizational part change in their course as well. New topics got discovered, and they need to be presented. So, can they ever be presented with the help of an old presentation template? It could be. But it might not quite define the subject properly. Thus, the need for new presentation templates!

So, these are the main reasons behind the increasing demand of the presentation templates. If everyone is running after the same deer, no one is going to get it at the end, right? The same thing is happening with the presentation templates as well. Mostly, the lack of uniqueness and supply of templates are the main reason behind this crisis. So, how to solve this?

How to Solve the Increase Demand for Presentation Templates

In a nutshell, there are only three ways to cope with the situation of this increasing demand for presentation templates, if you want to stand out from the crowd. However, these methods are not the permanent solution to this problem, and it will not perfectly solve everything, it still worth a shot. Let us have a look.

  1. Make your templates manually– The best way to cope with this situation is to make your own presentation templates manually. It is a hectic work. From choosing the right color to choosing the right theme and designing it perfectly, it needs a lot of work. In this way, no one can ever make more than two presentations a month. But that is not feasible. So, here’s the next solution.
  2. Use different software– Currently, the most popular presentation making software is the PowerPoint. And every other software has their own sets of default presentation templates. As PowerPoint is the most used presentation making software, their default templates are the most used ones too. So, it is a wiser choice to use different software for your presentations. In this way, you will get the chance to access to different sets of default presentation templates. There is lots of other presentation software, such as–
  • Google Slide
  • Prezi
  • Apple Keynote
  • ClearSide

These are the four other most popular software which can be used while you are making a presentation. There exists other software too.

  1. Buy presentation templates– Well, this might be the most sought out options among all. You cannot get everything in your life free. So, if you are willing to make your presentation stand out from the crowd, you need to make it like one. And for that, you need to invest money in them as well. There exist lots of websites that can create the perfect presentation template as you need for your presentation. It will not only save your time, but it will also give you the uniqueness you are seeking as well. You can download the premium presentation template to give an executive touch to your presentation.

So, these are three ways of solving the problem of increasing demand for presentation templates. However, the problem will never solve on its own, and the problem will always be there. The three ways mentioned above are just a temporary patch you are looking in the market of increasing demand for presentation templates.


There is no easy way to cope up the situation of increasing demand for presentation templates. In the modern day, the presentation is an important part, and for presentation to work perfectly, you need great presentation templates as well. However, the increasing demand for presentation templates shows the development level of the society and how the corporate sector of a country is growing. Thus, for India, it is a good sign as well. And to cope with the problem of increasing demand for presentation templates, you have to follow a single way as stated above. It may not be an absolute solution, but it will surely help you out from making your presentation a cliché one. So, choose wisely and put more efforts while making presentations. Happy Presenting!