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Marketing Mix PowerPoint Templates & Keynotes

Download Marketing Mix PowerPoint templates and deliver your business or marketing presentation in style. Often while searching over the internet for PowerPoint template, presenter gets confused. So Slidebazaar came up with marketing mix ppt slides which will justify your marketing theories to your team or audience in a way that they can easily perceive.

A marketing mix is a crucial tool used in marketing. It comprises of four main variables which aid is successful marketing of a product. These variables include Product, price, promotion & place. Your template should precisely talk about various aspects of the marketing mix. It should convey the logic behind selecting the product. Under our marketing mix presentation template collection, you get various options from choosing circular charts to tabular formats for displaying f your points. Our giant collection also includes templates on 4Ps, 7Ps, and 8Ps of the marketing mix. Whether you may be a professor or a marketing professional, these marketing slides will cater your needs well. So, download, customize and convey your marketing plan or framework with confidence.