Six thinking hats template is a decision making concept laid out in timeline PowerPoint step diagrams. In business, we are often required to make decisions quickly. When time is of the essence, and we need to think clearly, using a decision-making tool can be helpful. The six thinking hats template approach is one such method that can help you make better decisions by considering all possible angles. This approach was created by Edward de Bono and involves wearing different coloured hats to represent various aspects of the decision-making process. By taking a step back and looking at an issue from several different perspectives, you can arrive at a more well-rounded solution.

Each colour in the six thinking hats indicates different cognitive levels and problem-solving skills. You can use the stage diagram PowerPoint to learn the techniques. The template contains a timeline, step diagram, semi-circle PowerPoint and cover slide.

Editable timelines offer a versatile and professional way to display your data for academic or business presentations. There are many different editable timelines, but the six thinking hats template is one of the most popular. This type of timeline allows you to change the colour of each hat to represent a different stage in your project.

Hats off to you for making your next presentation stand out with this fun template! With six different coloured caps, you can change the feel of your production to fit your needs. So whether you want to be playful or professional, this six thinking hats PowerPoint template has you covered. Just download and get started!