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ADKAR Change Management PowerPoint Template

ADKAR change management PowerPoint template is designed for the discussion of new management models in the field of corporate management. ADKAR is a research-based, goal-oriented change management model to direct individual and organizational change. It includes a series of milestones that an individual needs to achieve in order to move through the change. The ADKAR change management template is used to show change at the individual level, evaluating staff’s response to change, helping employee’s conversion through the transition, and generating an action plan for advancement during a change initiative. It assists change management teams to focus on specific objectives and goals.

The ADKAR change management PowerPoint template is a tool designed to identify activities within the organization, communications associated with the business development and plan, training models, and the company’s overall goal sharing, which has an immense effect to achieve the desired outcomes. ADKAR helps managers and other executives to make sense of change; guide change management plans, assess progress, identify gaps and develop corrective actions. The abbreviated form ADKAR stands for;

A: Awareness of the need for change

B: Desire to support the change

K: knowledge of how to change

A: Ability to demonstrate new skills and behaviours

R: Reinforcement to make the change stick

ADKAR CHANGE MANAGEMENT TEMPLATE contains a worksheet design that shows the ADKAR alignment. ADKAR model for change management is one of many change management theory models that aid in the development of the organizational culture transition process. The attitude towards change and the employee’s behaviour towards the corporate business sector as well as other professional areas have to change. It needs reforming at the individual level or resources and their requirements and how to change their behaviour towards a set of work rules. Awareness includes a person’s understanding of the nature of change and needs for the change. Desire to change indicates the motivation and personal choice to support and engage in a change. Knowledge is about how to implement change. Ability represents the proven capability to implement the change and proved achievement of the change. Reinforcement is any action or event that strengthens and sustains the change.

ADKAR change management PowerPoint diagram is a simulative presentation template can be used for academic purposes, training employees and students. Users can search our gallery and explore additional change management PowerPoint’s for a training-like presentation.

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