10 Things the Organizer Wants You to Keep in Mind while Speaking at a Conference

By May 7, 2017 Leadership

Getting a chance to speak at a conference is an honor, but many people are terrified of public speaking. They get nervous and as a result, they forget to mention key points or fumble through their speech. However, a planned approach can help in dealing with all these problems and you can give out your best while speaking at a conference.
To avoid that, one should keep in mind the following things while speaking at a conference.

  1. Go through the speaker brief: Usually, most conference organizers will provide you with a handbook or a speaker brief containing all the information regarding the event. This will cover points such as the theme of the event, the type of audience is and the title and the content of your speech. Make sure to read the speaker brief thoroughly.
  2. Be on time: You should always turn up at the venue on time. Check the speaker brief to know you should be there. It is even better to get there a little early. Try to be there at least half an hour before your scheduled time. Turning up early will also give you the time to get familiar with the ambience at the venue.
  3. Say no to last-minute tech changes: Showing up at the venue at the last moment with a new presentation or a new video almost always ends up in a disaster. Most of the times, if the audience is large; you need to show your presentation to your audience prior to going on stage. It is recommended to do a fast tech-check before your presentation. It will give you the chance to fix technical glitches if any.
  4. Be relevant: Straying away from the main topic of your presentation is the fastest way to lose the attention of your audience. While it is fine to tell an appropriate joke in between, it is better to stay on point. Make sure that whatever metaphor, videos or visuals you are showing is related to your core topic.
  5. Don’t exceed your allotted time: Typically, conferences are busy affairs, with consecutive sessions and short breaks. So if you don’t keep to your allotted time, it will hamper the flow of the event. Also, it is quite disrespectful to the audience and other speakers.
  6. Show enthusiasm: You shouldn’t be lethargic while presenting, unless you want your audience to get bored. Always be enthusiastic during your presentation as it will help grab the attention of your audience.
  7. Engage the audience: It is really important to involve the audience in your presentation. In that way you will get more attention from them. You can ask your audience questions or use some interactive tools. Remember that speaking at a conference should not be a completely one-way communication.
  8. Don’t try too hard: Never try too hard to sell your products or services while speaking at a conference. If you keep beat your audience around the head with the sales pitch, you will end up irritating them. Make your presentation conversational and use subtle ways to sell your product or service.
  9. Don’t whine: Even if you are disappointed with some technical glitch or seeing only a few faces in the audience, never whine about it. Ignore them and continue with your presentation.10. Stick around after you are done speaking: Don’t rush to go home after you have finished speaking. Answer questions from the attendees or make some new connections.

The above-mentioned 10 points can be easily incorporated before each presentation. You just need to be organized and step by step follow these things. It is an assurance that you will never be disappointed and can work towards bringing the best out of you.